Saturday, January 06, 2007

No willpower

Earlier today I signed up for Stash & UFO Bust-Along. Sounds like a fantastic idea and goodness knows I need to start using up my stash rather than buying more and more yarn. However, that being said...

I am weak. Very weak. I went to Ram Wools this afternoon for buttons. But alas. They have a 30% off everything sale and I folded like a cheap shirt. (And none of it for my bf's sweater, which was the one exception I was going to make) However, let it be said that the wool I got was for something for my G. Maybe that falls within the gift category, that according to the rules is perfectly acceptable if you don't have the required yarn in your stash already.

But there I stood in the line up at Ram Wools feeling somewhat guilty about my serious addiction to yarn, when all of a sudden a rebellious sort of thought came over me. It was as if the proverbial light bulb whet on over my head and I thought, "Well, I can buy this Cashmerino Aran. No one can stop me. It's only one ball, and besides the bust-along doesn't even start for another few days, so there."

Agggghhhhh. This is truly a sign of a problem.

I think I am just going to slink off upstairs and get that pattern for the armwarmers for G...


  1. I'm sure you could quit buying yarn any time you want too...

  2. I am glad someone has faith in me...

  3. I'm new to your blog, but like you I can't resist wool. My stash is unbelievable but I just bought more yarn on line yesterday and i'm alwasy checking ebay for deals, bad, bad, bad...ciao Are you freezing out there?

  4. Yes, I am freezing here. Winter temperatures just hit us all of a sudden yesterday. :(

    I'm hoping against hope that the Stash and UFO Bust-Along help me out with my little yarn buying problem!

  5. This does not bode well! I'm going to Sheep's Clothing tomorrow, presumably to buy sweater yarn for DH. I wonder if my experience is going to be similar to yours. Last time I went, I came out with loads of laceweight...

    Sigh. We are weak.