Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well, it's been ages again since I last posted. I have been busy. Doing what exactly I'm not sure. Just life stuff I guess. In between all the life "crap" I have still been knitting. I think that goes without saying.

Here's the updated list of what I've been working on:

- Hot Tamale socks (again) - this pair is ankle length, one is done, the other on the needles and was started today on the bus ride home from work
- Tote for the Tote Exchange - it's felting as I type
- Poor old Samus - who I've all but abandoned

Here's what's going to be worked on next:

- Small project yet to be determined for my SP8 partner
- Wrist warmers to match my IHS
- Monkey socks from Knitty in my beautiful skein of Sweet Georgia - sniff sniff (for those of you who may not have heard, she's taking some time off from dyeing for at least six months - I am bereft
- A black and red striped sweater as requested by J (pattern yet to be determined)

I suppose I really should finish the darned bunny and bear slippers at the bottom of my basket too. Ahh, but they can wait a bit longer. Easter's not for a while yet.

I've been really good about the Stash and Bust Along. I haven't finished all that many projects compared to some, and my stash hasn't really decreased, but by golly I've been good about not allowing any yarn purchases. I'm like a junkie needing my fix though. I've been trying to bribe (BF)G into buying me yarn in the logic that it would be a gift and therefore not me buying it ergo, I would still be complying with the rules. He won't budge though. Which I suppose is good. Probably would be a bad thing if he was an enabler. Sigh. I did go into Ram Wools though to buy some yarn for my SP8 a couple of weeks ago (Imagine the strength it took to not buy any for myself!) and I bought the yarn for my tote for the exchange on another trip to Ram Wools and again, came out with just that and nothing for me. I felt that was deserving of a big ol' pat on the back. (BF)G however, feels that as I bought the wool for myself to knit with that's actually like getting a fix and therefore should be a strike against me. I tried to explain that there was just simply nothing in my stash that would do, but he's adamant that I'm fudging the rules to suit my addiction.

Oh and here's the pic of the work that's in the machine right now hopefully felting itself to beauty!


  1. You've been busy!

    Felting is fun. It's amazing how huge things look before, and how hard it is to imagine they'll ever shrink down to any degree of usefulness. And then they do.

  2. I love felting! I'm somewhat addicted, but even after loads of successes, I still worry that whatever I've made won't possibly shrink down to the size it actually needs to be! Ha ha! It's my big "party trick" though so to speak. People who don't knit or haven't heard about felting are always amazed at what can be done!

  3. I've become addicted to felting too, bad habit.. I am clearing out my stash though making little bags and hats so it's good. Very nice bag.