Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My "Hats for Alex" are done!

So, as I mentioned in a previous post I was going to make some baby hats for the Hats for Alex project. I've been keeping up to date with the progress of the "hat drive" and noticed today that 294 hats have been collected so far which is fabulous considering Trillian42's goal was 250! Well, we can add six more to that total as I'll be putting mine in the mail tomorrow.

So... here they are in all their glory! They're so tiny and quick to knit! Really, truly instant gratification with a purpose! Gotta love that!

I used various patterns from the internet and my own creation and used various washable yarns from my stash. I should mention that this is also a great stash busting project too! My very favourite is the red apple hat. I used the Apple a Day pattern by Sara Galley and I had it finished in less than an hour. I just think it is such a cute pattern.

In other knitting news... (BF)G's sweater progresses slowly. I've got about 11 inches done on it, but it's slow going in what amounts to basically stocking stitch (read: major boredom inducing row after row of plain old knitting...)I refuse to count the purl stitch that happens every seventh stitch on alternate rows as an interesting pattern detail. God, I hope it fits and he appreciates it more than the monstrosity of a knitting disaster (reason I'm now doing guage swatches more faithfully) that I created for him last fall, in which he could fit if he gained about at least 25 lbs, and as long as he shrunk in height in the body and grew gorilla arms! In fairness he appreciated the effort - just not the result as much! I have faith in this one though. After all. I did a guage swatch and it turned out perfectly. I'm always suspicious when a guage swatch turns out right the first time - I can't help but wonder if I've done something wrong... But alas. I am bored with it. I long for lace, I long for cables, I long for a different colour than grey.

I am positively itching to get started on my Lace Leaf Pullover from Loop-de-Loop too! The wool (Brown Sheep bulky in Oregano) sits on the counter calling to me gently at first and getting louder and louder with each stitch I do on (BF)G's sweater. It tries to sway me with promises of more interesting knitting, but so far I resist the persistance of it. Well - truth be told, I did cast on and do the guage swatch this morning before I left for work, but that's all. Or so I'm telling myself!

I have other knitting to do as well and should really concentrate on those projects first. I really have to make a decision (and start) about what project to knit for my Around the World Christmas Swap. I'm thinking of a "Let it snow" theme so have a few ideas bouncing around in my head.

We'll see what transpires over the next week. I fear that I won't have much knitting time given the fact that we're to paint the living room and kitchen this weekend and I'm in the thick of dance competition registration until October 29th. I also should curtail the knitting and actually finish sewing G's "Peasblossom" costume that she needs for her party tomorrow night (which is a miracle I'm as far on it as I am considering I started sewing it last night). Oh - so many things to do. So little time... This seems to be a regular mantra of mine.


  1. You seem to be maximining your scarce resource of time very well, Sarah!

    Great hats! ;-)

  2. Those hats are great!! I just love the apple a day hat too! Thanks for the link :)