Monday, December 10, 2007

Gotta love big wool and big needles!

Yes indeed! There's nothing quite like big wool and big needles to help you get a new sweater in a hurry. May I present the Lace Leaf Pullover from Loop d Loop.

It was started on Friday Nov. 30th and finished yesterday - December 9th. I say I don't think you can get faster than that, but I know that would be a lie. If you want an even faster sweater, check out the Very Cropped Hoodie from Magknits. (It took me a day!) My sweater is toasty warm and I love the colour. I love the fit, but... You knew a "but" was coming didn't you. Well. Here's the problem. It bunches. The upper chest creeps upwards towards the neckline creating a weird kind of bulky, bulgy roll that completely hides the leaf motif and looks just downright weird in the process. I am not about to rip out the whole thing just to fix it. First of all because I wouldn't know how to fix it and secondly because the top half and bottom half are freaking well grafted together. It took me bloomin' forever to get it into one piece. I cannot, nay I refuse, to take it all apart. I think I can live with the sweater roll and all. Afterall, it's really warm and that wins over anything here in Winnipeg in the winter! (well in my books anyways!)

Sorry again 'bout the quality of the picture - it's the best G and I could come up with. Apparently I am, as always, woefully unphotogenic and in most of the shots she took I either look stoned or downright mean. This truly was the best one. I realize that it doesn't show the leaf motif, nor the wonderful green button detail on the neckline, but if you squint and peer very closely at your screen you'll see the roll at the neckline.


  1. That is your colour, Sarah! I don't see any problem with the neckline, either...

    Funny - you looked different than I had pictures. I had a mental image of a blonde WASPy type. The reality is better... you can carry off those bold dark colours very well :-)


    PS I posted some new stuff today as well...

  2. Thanks Kristina! I love green - I always think it looks ok on me, but then I was the kid in grade two wearing the red Royal Stewart tartan kilt and the hot pink knee socks, so my judgement may be a bit off! :)

  3. Sarah-Jane!!

    I just returned from visiting our eldest daughter in Washington DC and found your package sitting on my bed. I feel so spoiled.! I loved the shawl, it's absolutely beautiful; I'd never have known it was one of your first attempts at reading a lace chart. (you're ahead of me....I've never read a chart!)

    The needle roll is perfect! And I'm in awe of your sewing ability.....another thing that I don't do (I've always had a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine and I finally gave it to a friend).

    I can't begin to tell you how pampered that your box made me feel. The candles, the tea, the candy...and the shortbread (I can just picture your mother....what a wonderful memory). And the yarn is gorgeous...I love the color and it will become something for "me" after the holidays.

    Sarah, again thank you. You have given the perfect gift box to this Oklahoma girl. It's been great getting to know you and I've loved reading your blog.....your sweater is beautiful!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Chris Murphy

  4. Merry Christmas, Sarah Jane!!