Friday, May 02, 2008

An outfit for a wee highland lassie

I actually finished this last week before heading out to Toronto, but haven't had any time to upload the picture until now! When little Emilie was born a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly took a notion into my head that it would be really cute to make her a little highland outfit for a shower gift. I'd made a blanket for her already (gave that to her at the hospital as you may recall), so wanted something completely different. I remembered the old pattern I had of Grandma's that was for little "Mary-Jane" booties and thought it would suit perfectly for a pair of wee ghillies. Eliminate the ankle strap, add a length of ribbon and bob's your uncle. The wee kilt was supposed to be in the same tartan as G's national outfit, which is a beautiful Dress Red Cunningham, but could I find the left over fabric anywhere in my house??? NO! Of course I couldn't. Oh well. I'm not sure what the tartan is that I ended up using. If someone knows please let me know, but I think it's pretty anyways.

Of course I wasn't at the shower to see the reaction to the outfit as I was enroute back home from Toronto, but by all accounts it was well received. Mommy Lorraine hopes to put the outfit on baby girl on Sunday to wear while she "cheers" G on at the provincial championships. She says it doesn't matter if it's too big - it's the perfect day to wear it! Perhaps next week I'll have a picture of our highland lassies together to show off!

In other knitting news, I finally had picked up my Clemetine Shawlette again only to realize it was so full of mistakes there was no point in continuing. I frogged it back to the beginning and packed it to take to Toronto. Five starts... I kid you not! Five times I tried and five times I failed. I failed to get past about row 10 without mistakes. So it's back in the frog pond to be looked at later, when I'm not bitter.

I am thoroughly bored with my Gathered Pullover's sleeves and I've got about 12 more inches to go at least. Ho hum. No interest in it what so ever. My Montego Bay scarf has suffered the same fate. I guess I can only do the same repeat of rows for so long before my brain begs for something different, so it's on hiatus too. I think it'll be a good SnB project. I can chat away and not notice the miles and miles of the same stitch over and over again!

So... And you knew this was coming! I started a new project in Toronto. Just a pair of socks, but they're soft and pretty. I am using On Your Toes Bamboo in a greyish-blue with hints of pink colourway. So far I'm really liking them, although I see the potential for Second Sock Syndrome given that they're just stocking stitch except for the top band of lacy-ness.


  1. Awww what sweet little shoes.
    Could the tartan be Campbell of Loch Neil Dress? I used to have a mug with the print of it on- looks a lot like it.

  2. That is really sweet and I'm sure it will look adorable on the little baby girl. I too have a problem finishing some stuff,I've gotten stuck on my second Central Park Hoodie. Can't seem to finish the second sleeve. I should never make two things the same back to back (the first one is all done but I can't post it, it's a gift), cute socks...ciao