Thursday, June 05, 2008

Could it be?

A real, honest to goodness finished Gathered Pullover? I know... I'm as surprised as you all are. I know I kept saying I'd finish it, but even I'd stopped believing myself! But now. Here it is. All done.

But it doesn't stop there... oh no siree! I also have a honest to goodness finished Montego Bay scarf, which I absolutely LURVE!!!! It's so drapey and soft and pretty. I decided I liked the fringe just flowey and loose rather than braided, but other than that it is knit exactly as the pattern was written. Did I mention I LURVE it?!?!?

As an aside, I also finished the smaller sized Summerlin that I promised Alex. The original I made was so big it'll probably fit her when she's 10! Tiny wee thing that she is! I'm thinking of popping it in the post to her tonight maybe. Seems silly when she lives only a hop, skip and a jump from us, but I remember loving to get mail when I was little and thought she might feel awfully special if she got a parcel addressed to her. We'll see!

I have also done two modified Dream Swatches. G hates anything that swings back and forth. For some reason it's always triggered panic attacks for her since she was about 2 years old, so rather than torture the poor kid, I made the Dream Swatchs as headbands rather than head scarves. They knit up super duper quick in Panda Cotton! Thanks Knittywhipped for the idea of using Panda Cotton. They are a great fit and super comfy to boot. I don't usually wear headbands, because although I like the look, the sensation of my head being squeezed in a vice really irritates me (Either I have a freakishly large noggin or headbands always sit on pressure points. Not sure which.)

I finished a few sewing projects too this past week. First up is my brown polka dot dress!
I really love it - although really worry that it's a touch short. Coming in a close second is my halter dress for (BF)G's brother's wedding. Not loving that one so much. I believe that the pattern was designed perhaps for the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. The dress bloody well fits like a dream except for the back of the bodice. Given that it's a halter style dress, the extra 4 inches extra make for a huge problem in fit. :(

I started my skirt yesterday after the dress debacle was put aside. I couldn't finish it because I didn't have any interfacing for the waistband and while I briefly considered just ignoring the need for it, I decided against throwing caution to the wind in that department. I've done that one too many times and ended up with one too many nasty wrinkled up waistbands for that to be a good idea!!

Next on the agenda is to continue working on my Josephine Top and make a needle roll for Mom for her birthday knitting themed basket, oh, and get a costume dreamed up and sewn for G for her choreography she's created for the Selkirk Highland Gathering, then I will absolutely without a doubt most definately have to tackle this year's costume efforts for Ena Sutton. (Picked up the bulk of the fabric on the weekend so I've no excuse and I should have the sample done before the next practice, which I believe... ahem... might be this coming Sunday. Ack. Gotta go. Gotta sew...


  1. Wow, you've been productive!!! Aren't those dream swatches fun?

  2. I love the dream swatch pattern! I also need a haircut desperately and hate doing my hair, so it's been my most used FO yet I think! :)

  3. You make the rest of us look like lazy slackers!

  4. Sarah, I agree with April... I feel like a right lazy slacker now.

    Looking great - all of it! Sorry for delay in commenting... I'm just catching up on my blog reading after vacation. Have been back for well over a week, but $&*#($&#*@( work interfered.

  5. I find that too about work... it's always getting in the way of my knitting pleasure!

    And as for me making you feel like a slacker. It's about time Ms. Knit-a-fantastic-project-in-a-weekend! Ha ha! :)