Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Has it been that long again?

I used to be so good at keeping up with my blogging! And yet here it is weeks since my last post, and I'm finding myself so unmotivated to write anything. Part of my motivation problem is my internet connection.

Living in the middle of nowhere is great for peace, quiet and tranquility. To have roosters cock-a-doodle-dooing instead of the vulgar noises of the drunks and druggies down the street is a wonderous thing for one's sense of well being. But living in the middle of nowhere comes with it's downfalls. I have no access to high speed internet unless I want to pay huge amounts of money to have a satelite system set up. They have high speed 15 miles up the road in the village, but for me? Nope. No go. So I use dial up. Yes. That almost obsolete technology, which takes an eternity to load a page of text. Forget about uploading pictures or anything like that. So that leaves me coffee breaks and lunch breaks at work for updates, and sometimes, I'm just too tired of staring at the screen for work purposes to be bothered staring at it for other purposes on my breaks.

But - I didn't mean to turn this into a big pity party about my lack of high speed internet or how I'm so bloody tired most days I can't see straight. No. That's not my intent in the least.

What I want to do is share some pictures with you of the projects I spoke of in my last posting. (Just don't ask about the highland dance jacket. I'm not able to speak of that disaster yet as it might make me cry in frustration and anger still).

First up is my sling that I'm actually really happy with now that it's done. I've sewed over those seams about a million times out of a fear of my poor soon to be born baby crashing to the floor from faulty machine work on my behalf. I think the sling should safely be able to hold quite a hefty weight now. Although I couldn't test it out given the girth of my belly these days, and N wasn't quite willing to be a sling test dummy and put the dog in it like I suggested. I suggested Bella would be a good option at only 36 lbs versus Lucky at 110 lbs, but N was having none of it. In retrospect, I guess I can't blame him. I do hope that it carries a real live baby comfortably though!

Then I believe I spoke of booties and a ball - so here's those. Cute, not hard to make and used up some stash yarn. (Just don't follow the pattern explicitly. It would have you make two left feet - I kid you not) Nothing like using stash yarn to make a girl feel good and thrifty. Makes me actually feel kind of smug. I'm just like that!

Other projects on the go are (BF)G's socks - still. I've managed to get the cuff done and precisely one row of stocking stitch. Did I mention these are very boring and want to make me use my trusty 2.25mm dpns to poke my eye out just for some excitement?

Then as I mentioned I re-started the Fireside socks. (sorry - no pictures yet) I'm liking them. They're my "car" socks. I knit them when I'm in the passenger seat (obviously - I'm not crazy enough to knit them when I'm in the driver's seat. Is anyone that crazy????)

I've grown tired for the time being with my chevron scarf. I realize this makes me appear incredibly fickle. Just a few short weeks ago I was in love with the whole thing, but times change, people change. It's a four row pattern repeat. It gets dull after awhile. What can I say? I will go back to it, just not for a bit yet I think.

So that's about it for me and what I've been up to.


  1. You've obviously never been stuck in some bad traffic with a sock ;-)

    Cute booties and ball! Watch out though--older kids enjoy those balls more than babies do. At least in my house!