Friday, June 12, 2009

Car wash weirdness continues... it must be me.

Different car wash - ok same company, but different bay, different town even, same problem. TWICE!!!!! What am I doing wrong???? A big pick up truck went through ahead of me. No problem for him. I drive my little two-door Hyundai Accent in and it jams up the bloody thing. Least this time I had N keeping me company.

That's it. I'm not doing this anymore. My car can either stay dirty, or I will take it to the Chamois where they'll wash it for me. I refuse to get stuck a fifth time in the stinking car wash. It's beginning to give me a complex not to mention it's getting bloody embarassing that I am the only person on the face of the earth that cannot "operate" an automatic "touchless" car wash properly. Yeesh!

Anyways. Onto other much more pleasant topics.

My lovely SnB group, the Woolie Bullies, gave me a little surprise party on Wednesday night. I am so beyond touched by this that I get teary eyed every time I think about it. Not only did they bring cupcakes - love cupcakes by the way - but Nicole had made a really sweet card and all the girls had made a baby blanket for Bean. The fact that they all got together an knit the blanket is what gets me the most. What a sweet, wonderful, incredible gift. I know that this blanket will be loved and cherished.

Bean's Blankie from the girls

Speaking of blankies... I've been bitten by the quilting bug! I decided that Bean should have a crib quilt and so have set to work on my first ever quilt project! I'm really excited about it and laid all the center pieces out on the table to see what it might look like when finished. I have to say I'm happy with the look so far. I just hope I can sew an even straight seam on all the bits so that they line up well when it all goes together!

I've not done a whole lot of knitting myself as I've been busy with other ventures and activities. N had his final cadet banquet of the year, which was a big night for him! Not only was he the top Silver Star level cadet this year for his corps, he also got the top NCO award, plus top physical fitness award. The big one though, is that he got promoted to Warrant Officer and in the fall will be the corp's Regimental Sgt. Major, which is a pretty huge deal for a 14 1/2 year old who's crazy about cadets and plans a military career for his future!

N, the Commanding Officer and the outgoing RSM passing on the torch (well pace stick)

Other than that, G's been dancing like a maniac lately. Lessons (she's at four so far this week alone!), and competitions have been in full swing. She competed at the Mid-Canada Championships and Open Competition this past weekend here in the city and was quite successful! She was 2nd runner up for her age group at the Championships and got placings in the Village Maid (5th) and Hornpipe (2nd!) on Sunday. It was a good weekend despite the fact it was freezing cold - think mitts, sweaters, blankets! I was pretty much numb by the time we went home at the end of it! I felt sorry for any of the dancer's who wear vests instead of jackets. Brrrr.

Photographic evidence of turn out and pointy toes!!!!

I love how I caught her in the air on this one!

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