Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I'm in. Hook. Line. Sinker.

Or maybe I should say, "Needle, Thread, Fabric"

I know I've been extolling the virtues of Moda pre-cut fabrics lately, really I'm starting to feel like a bit of a walking advertisement for them, but I just can't seem to help myself.

Being new and therefore incredibly inexperienced in the world of quilting I like the thought of anything that makes it a bit easier for me to progress in my quilting abilities and these pre-cut goodies seem to be just the thing to help me along. I can't (or won't because it's a bit embarassing) tell you how much time I spend online these days oogling fabric and patterns. Plotting and planning projects. Too bad I don't get near as much time to actually sit down and sew! All in time though... all in time.

As you might notice I've added a few new things to my list of, well, "favourite things" and now because of one of those, I now have to go add another to my list. V and Co. has a giveaway on her blog right now sponsored by Green Fairy Quilts. Because that's all I need in my life... yet another website to go to for hours on end! ha ha! But I think I'm actually in love. I really like how their site is laid out - and the prices look great! I forsee some shopping in my very near future! Eeek! (I believe my credit card is now trembling away in fear...).

I am taking part right now in a charm square swap with my Mommies group over on Ravelry and because we've all been talking quilting and charm squares lately, we've lured a few more previously non-sewing mommies into the fold. We're going to have a second charm square swap coming up soon so they can partake as well and so I am going to completely justify any purchases in the near future as necessary for my swap participation. How's that sound?

On the sewing front at home, I ditched the cat pee batting - (BF)G raised a very good point when he said, "What if you can't smell the pee anymore after it's washed, but the cats can and keep peeing on it?" I near well died at the thought of that, so out it went. Good thing I got such a good deal on it or my thrifty (ok, cheap) side would have had a bit of coronary over tossing it out! I grabbed the spare batting out of the closet and set to work on making my Charm Squares Baby Quilt sandwich, pinned it all to death and have started machine quilting it. I am pretty happy so far with my efforts and hope to have a chance to do a bit more soon. I also finished sewing all my blocks together for the Oh Cherry Oh baby blanket. Only now I really, really like it and am contemplating getting another honey bun and making the whole thing bigger. To heck with baby blankets... I'm thinking picnics in the park type blankets instead. We'll see!

Oh and I fell victim to the siren call of some pretty black and white cotton the other day at the fabric store. It was $5.00/metre. I figured I couldn't go wrong. I think this momma's going to get yet another skirt!

On the knitting front - Plath is coming along. Slowly but surely. I'm working on the ribbing of the placket and bottom right now. It's taking forever. I may have had this little baby before I ever get it finished at this rate...

Now, off to go ponder what fabrics I really must have! :)

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