Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Still crafty...

I realized it's been ages since I did a post on knitting or sewing. I have been doing things. At least I think I have. How long has it been? Wow. Over a month! How'd that happen?

I guess this warrants a bit of a round up so here goes!

First up would be a new pair of training pants for Baby Boy. They're from the Tinkle Time Pocket Trainer pattern, although I did alter the pocket more to my liking. It's a pretty good pattern. This is my second time making it. I made a Pair back in the spring for LTM.

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Ready for potty training!

Next up was a gift for a friend's little girl. I modified the Habitual Kimono Top so that it would be double layered and a Velcro close. The "baby legs" and hat are my own design and the little knit gnome from Plain and Joyful Living.

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For Baby Girl!

Then I had another baby gift to make for another friend. Apparently I'm big into gnomes right now because I chose to make him a "Dangly Dell" from Little Oke Dolls. I also couldn't resist freezer paper stenciling a little onesie for him!

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Fun with freezer paper

Moving along, a good friend of mine has been going through some trying times lately and I really wanted to send her something to let her know I was thinking of her and hopefully brighten her day. I chose to do my very favourite tea wallet pattern and a mug rug from Molly's Meanderings. I love this design and will make it again many times I'm sure!

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Tea makes everything better. Or at least not as bad.

I also did a couple things for me!!! First would be a "too long on the needles" WIP. My lace weight clapotis. This thing did not want to be finished. I can't tell you how many times the stitches and bazillion stitch markers were accidentally (or not...) removed from the needles. Ugh. Anyways. I started this baby in December of 2009. So very glad to have it done!

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Finally Done!

Then I finished my summer dress. (a modified Simplicity 2180) Unfortunately after the warm weather had passed. It was a rather nippy +8C when this picture was taken.

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Maybe next summer this will get some wear...

Oh! And I almost forgot! I used a tutorial to whip up a mei-tai carrier for a friend's little girl so she can wear her baby just like her mama. Baby Boy and LTM both want one for their dolls now too. LTM and "he's a big boy, not a baby, Mommy" doll were happy to pose for a quick pic. I think the boys will have slightly less floral carriers. I believe I have a monkey fat quarter perfect for Baby Boy and an awesome bug print for LTM! Just need some time...

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Happy boy wearing his doll!

Speaking of time, it's high time I get back to house work. I have puppy treats to get made, supper to figure out and a disaster of a "no longer a teen/should be able to clean it themself but isn't here to do so" bedroom to straighten before our houseguest arrives tomorrow.

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