Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some Little "Hotshots"

When I started knitting Baby Boy's Greyson in February Little Toddler Man had some serious sweater envy. So I did what any self respecting knitter would do and leapt at the chance for another project. I showed LTM a few choices and he chose Hotshot by Julia Stanfield (she designed Greyson as well!). His only stipulation was it needed to be green.

I had a few other obligations that needed finishing up first, plus a trip to the LYS in the city was required for the yarn for LTM's sweater. He waited, somewhat impatiently, imploring hopefully every time he saw me pull out my knitting bag,"Is that for my new sweater?" then would look crestfallen upon realization that no, it wasn't for his sweater.

Finally the day came that we were going to the city. A quick jaunt over to the lys and I had a very happy boy on my hands! Knitting went really quick, as always with Julia Stanfield's patterns, it was well written and easy to follow. The sweater was done in a little over a week. Big Boy Dolly's in a day. Which apparently wasn't fast enough for LTM as he would sidle past his sweater and mutter, "Looks done to me..." despite the fact I still had needles attached.

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"Looks done to me..."

I finally gave in and let him wear it before beginning the hood. Oh happy day. He was thrilled!!

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Happy as a clam in his almost finished sweater!

I actually wasn't sure I was going to get his sweater back to knit the hood, but I managed to snag it away that night and start on the hood. In my haste I made an error in my stitch count, then didn't bother with the decreases because of the mistake, then in all my wisdom added an inch in height. Oi! It's a rather large hood. I may rip it back a few inches, put those decreases in and make it a bit smaller, although I've been informed by a certain 3 1/2 year old he likes it just the way it is thank you.

Little Toddler Man and his doll's sweater were a great project for not adding to my stash. Out of two skeins of Berroco Vintage and one skein of Berroco Vintage Colors I had less than five inches of the Berroco Vintage Color left and only the trimmings off of the ends following weaving in for the green Berroco Vintage. Not bad if you ask me!!! (although somewhat hard on the nerves playing yardage chicken like that!)

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Cool little man rocking his hooded hotshot!

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Big Boy Dolly likes his too!

Once I was finished with Little Toddler Man's I moved onto Baby Boy and Baby Dolly's sweaters. I was using old stash yarn for the main colour. I do love a good stash buster and this one fit the bill. It used up the last superwash wool that I'd bought back in 1996! It was originally bought for a (yikes!!) cropped cardigan with an all over floral pattern - kind of glad I never got around to making that particular fashion disaster for myself! I think Baby Boy's Hotshot was an infinitely better use of the yarn!

I finished it late one night long after Baby Boy had gone to bed. The next morning I was excited to try it on him and snap a few photos. Unfortunately being 2 1/2, with definite opinions on what he wants to wear at a particular moment led Baby Boy to be considerably less excited about it all.

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Not too happy...

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Baby Dolly makes it only slightly better

Thankfully his opinions change with the wind and a few days later he specifically requested his new sweater!

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Little Hotshots

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