Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Amador Top

So I do realize I keep saying I shouldn’t do tests when school is in, then I do another test, but sometimes a project is just that good that you want to be in on the ground floor.

Let me introduce you to the Amador Top* which is the newest design from Itch to Stitch. It’s a great top that features dolman style sleeves and a fun front detail with the lower bodice forming a point at the centre front the has some gathering under the bustline. It has a v-neckline that is neatly finished with binding.

I made mine out of ITY jersey. As I finished sewing it up we were under a storm watch and I took the photos on a “snow day” from work. Happily all the snow has since melted - although this being the prairies and all we are forecasted to get up to 10cm of snow over the next day. No thank you!! I’d much rather be able to wear my spring like Amador Top thanks!

As I mentioned I used an ITY that I bought at Marshall’s Fabrics on the city. It’s a super lightweight fabric. It’s a bit slippery cutting out but it wasn’t too awful. It has really good stretch and a good recovery.

The pattern comes in the usual size range of 00-40 with regular or full bust bodice pieces so no fussing with full bust adjustments. I made a size 18 (regular bust) and blended down to 16 at the hip.  No length was added to this one, but I had to get a bit fancy.

Normally I would add length and I think I could have added 3/4” but I blithely went ahead and added my length to the wrong part of the bodice. Imagine my surprise when the under the bust seam was hitting somewhere around my midsection. I couldn’t figure out where things had gone wrong for the life of me. I looked at other’s tops and they were fine then looked at mine which was very much NOT fine. Then one of the other testers asked if I’d perhaps added length to the wrong half of the bodice and sure enough that’s precisely what I’d done. I unpicked the whole top, re-cut the top bodice from the original too big one and started over. Thankfully it all worked out! To hem it I really didn’t want to lose any length so I did a one inch facing using a 1/4” seam allowance leaving me with the proper amount to “hem”.

I keep thinking this would make a good “basic but elevated”  kind of top and want to sew one up in a solid coloured fabric. I just haven decided on colour and/or fabric yet. I do plan on sewing another though for sure!

You can get your copy of the Amador Top over on the Itch to Stitch site. As usual it’s on sale with a discount for the release week!

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