Friday, February 08, 2008

It's Friday...

And that means major knitting time tonight! Friday's are always my knitting night. Some people (of the non-knitting persuasion) might find that somewhat sad and dull, but to me it's heaven! I love nothing more than making a cup of tea and settling in on the couch or the recliner with what ever project I'm itching to get done.

Tonight will be a perfect knitting night. After I drop the kids off at their Dad's after school, I'll head back home for a supper of stew that I set in the crockpot this morning before leaving for work, and then the evening is mine! It's supposed to be freezing cold and blustery out so there's no desire to go anywhere. Perfect knitting night I tell you. Perfect! My biggest decision will be what kind of tea to make. I'm thinking that Chocolately Chai with hot frothy milk will fit the bill perfectly!

Tonight I think I'd better work on the Moss Stitch Baby Hoody. It's a gift for Shiloh Jane, (BF)G's newest great neice. She was born last Tuesday and the shower is on Sunday. I have the back and the left half front done. I somehow doubt that the sleeves, hood and right half front will be done in time, but hope springs eternal.

I found an awesome pattern for baby slippers on Sock Pixie's blog. She's got some great patterns on her blog and if you're into handdyed sock yarn, check out her shop - the colours are fantastic! Anyways, I'm thinking that the wee bit of Sweet Georgia I had left from my Monkey socks might make an adorable pair of slippers for little Shiloh. (and those - I just might be able to have done on time and enclose them with an IOU for the sweater).

I'm actually really wanting to work on my Gathered Pullover and the men's socks but alas... I guess the hoody pulls rank in this case given it's a must finish. Doesn't really matter though. Knitting night is knitting night and I could be knitting anything and still be as content as could be...

Maybe later this weekend I'll have an FO to show you all! Until then Happy Friday!


  1. Any night is knitting night if you have time. I just started the Central Park Hoodie today for my son's girlfriend. I will never be able to show pictures on my blog though because she read is and it's a birthday surprise. I am going to post it on Ravelry though in a couple of days...I got a drop spindle today and I'm going to try to spin. Should be fun...ciao

  2. My younger son made me a drop spindle a few months back, but I think he needs to put a different hook on the end for me - he used one that is closed up and I think that a cup hook would be better. I can hardly wait to try spinning. I'm going to head over to your blog to see if you've started yet!