Saturday, March 29, 2008

A banner week for mail deliveries and a FO

First off, let me say what a lucky, lucky girl I am. I am the luckiest of lucky people!

Wednesday was a bad day. A grumpy, nothing goes right kind of day. Then I phoned home and (BF)G told me I had a parcel waiting for me. Instantly I felt a little of the grumpiness slip away, a little bit of the stress of the day dissipate, a tinge of excitement taking over. Then he said, "Hmmm. It says it contains tea and chocolate." My ears perked up. What? Tea and chocolate? Well, that's not what I'm expecting! For you see, my dear Longing for Spring pal, Darcy had emailed me to say that my custom dyed yarn should be arriving from the UK any day now and I assumed that's what the parcel would be.

I got home and when straight for the parcel! It was from my downstream pal, Charlotte who'd had to wait a ridiculously long time for her swap parcel from me (so long in fact that we both gave up hope and I sent her a replacement parcel which wouldn't you know it only took about 5 days to get to her and arrived right along side the presumably lost parcel. Go figure!) Anyways, Charlotte, dear Charlotte, knowing my penchant for Newbery's Chocolate Tea - which try as I might, I can't get it here in Canada - sent me a box of tea bags, and a tin of loose tea. She also sent me a organic chocolate bar (orange flavoured - yummy!) and Chocolate Orange Jaffa cakes. Yum Yum Yum. Charlotte, you are wonderful and kind and I thank you so much for sending such a lovely surprise!
I went to work on Thursday knowing nothing could be as bad as Wednesday because after all I was armed with chocolate tea for that moment when the day's pressures got to feel like they were getting to heavy. (It works a treat I tell you! Nothing can seem that bad when there's chocolate tea to be had!)

Arriving at home on Thursday there was another parcel waiting for me on the kitchen table! With great excitement I ripped it open to find three prettily wrapped packages inside and a notecard telling me they were from Darcy. Let me tell you, she's done it again. That woman is simply amazing! She collaborated with Lizzie's Wonderland to create the loveliest shade of green yarn to go along with the pattern for Tiny Tulip Socks. Oh and there was also a sweet little matching green stitch marker and a huge, wonderful bar of chocolate. (Do these ladies know me well or what???) So once again, Darcy, I owe you a huge thank you! You are fabulous and amazing, and I swear that somehow you are right inside my head because you've sent me the perfect gifts once again!

See? I told you I was very lucky!

Now on to the FO. FINALLY the dullest pair of socks on earth are done! I thought I would never finish them, but last Friday I sat down and knit persistently until I finished. I refused to let them get the better of me and I refused to become victim of the second sock syndrome. They are done and have already been washed and worn a few times. Despite my hesitation at the Dutch Heel and it's potential to be annoying to the wearer, I'm told they are exceptionally comfortable, and exceptionally cozy. They're made from plain old grey Regia, but they'll wear well, and (BF)G is very pleased with them, so although I wanted to poke my own eyeballs out with my bamboo 2.25mm dpns on more than one occasion just as a diversion from the boredom, I am glad I made them for him afterall.

So, now if you'll excuse me, I am itching to cast on for the Tiny Tulips... And before you mention it, yes. I do fully realize I should be finishing the baby blanket, the gathered pullover and the Montego Bay scarf, but the call of the sock yarn is just too strong.


  1. Chocolate Tea! Must be delicious...I have so many unfinished objects lying around, I've lost count. Must be that ADD...ciao

  2. Oh - chocolate tea is a dream!

    As for UFOs mine worsen continuously! Talk about ADD, I just ditched all my other projects to cast on my new socks last night. On the upside of things, I'm almost done the first sock already! :)

  3. You make me want that tea;)Iam so excitted I cant wait to see the tulip socks Iam glad you liked everything:)Isnt it great when you have a bad day then a surpirise comes to make you smile:)Hugs Darcy