Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some knitting in progress...

I'm trying to be disciplined. Really. I am.

So far I've puttered away at my second sock:

I've spent some time giving my Gathered pullover attention - sorry no picture - couldn't get a good one yet

I busily worked on the baby blanket:

And best of all, I finished N's hat:

But while I've been doing all this knitting I've also been dreaming and scheming about more knitting projects. I'm now feeling the call of the following patterns. (and yes I realize that just a few short days ago the patterns calling my name were different, but now you can understand how my brain works and why I have trouble focusing on things!) In my own defense, these projects would be from my stash...

Montego Bay Scarf - using Sea Silk in the Ocean colourway - Ok to be honest between typing this and taking the pictures for the above mentioned projects so that I could post this, I actually succumbed to the call of Montego Bay... well the scarf anyways... and I am about 10 inches into it now. I am, by the way, completely in love with Sea Silk. I would marry it and live happily ever after with it if I could. It is so soft, so silky, so pretty, so wonderful!

Josephine Top - using Jade Bamboo


  1. You have my curiosity what is sea silk Iam now intrigued after reading your description of the yummieness of the yarn;)Hugs Darcy

  2. Also the wooden crochet hook is size M I dont know if the size is on the stem of the hook.Darcy

  3. Sea silk is very pretty. I sort of get twitchy when I think about winding it into a ball by hand. I can see it tangling very easy.

  4. Sea Silk is wonderful, soft and a horror to wind without a ballwinder and swift. I took it back to Ram Wools and begged for them to wind it for me as I knew I'd have it in a tangled mess within seconds if I tried to do it myself! But man am I enjoying knitting with it! I know now why Kristina is such a huge fan of it!

  5. Hi Sarah: so you have officially joined the ranks of the sea silkers... :-) Congratulations! Will look very forward to pics of the Montego Bay. Like the hat too :-)