Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A new place and some new knitting

It's certainly been a busy few weeks for our family! Of course as I mentioned, we moved into our new home. It was a hectic day and luckily the worst of the weather held off until we'd managed to get everything inside the house. Of course then the skies parted and it rained cats and dogs! I'm loving being out of the city and it's chaos. There's something so calming and wonderful about coming home to what I'm dubbing the homestead. It's quiet and peaceful. Perhaps as my Mom says, I'm returning to my roots. (My early years were spent on 80 acres of land east of Winnipeg).

I am a country girl through and through. I even had fun driving the garden tractor last night - although (BF)G mocked me, saying that I was looking a little too prim and proper on it, as though I was trying to be very regal. I wasn't. I was just a little nervous at first.

We still don't have the internet hooked up at home - turns out I need to get a modem - what gave me the idea a MAC had an internal modem I'll never know, but if it does it's well in hiding and I can't seem to find it, so maybe this weekend I'll go get me a modem. I'm still hoping to find a highspeed provider though. We also don't have any TV yet, so evenings that should be spent unpacking boxes have instead become time to watch all the DVDs that I never got a chance to watch before.

Of course along with DVD watching goes knitting! I've given up on the second "Breeze" sock for now. It languished so long in my bag that I figured I'd just relegate it to the "hibernating" category for awhile so that I don't need to feel guilt over neglecting it. Same goes for my Clementine Shawlette. I'm half done, but haven't even cast on for the second half. Can one suffer from second half syndrome just like second sock syndrome?

What I have been knitting is (BF)G's Cambridge Jacket. I love this pattern and it's been going fairly fast considering I only started it on Aug. 20th and then had to leave it alone for about five days whilst I finished packing/cleaning/moving. I did take a picture of it in my favourite knitting spot here at work. It was towards the end of August and a beautiful sunshine-y day. Now I have the back, the left front and most of the right front done. I really do want to have it finished by the start of the cool weather!

I also am anxious to start knitting something for my new baby neice! She's a sweetie and will suit the pattern and yarn I chose before she was born quite nicely (I must have known on some level that she'd be a girl - well more likely I just lucked out - after all... had a 50/50 chance didn't I?!?!). Can't post too many details here as her mommy sometimes visits the blog and although she knows some of the details, I don't want to give it all away yet! I also have a fantabulous second project idea in mind for little miss. (Maybe for Christmas - although given my procrastination it could become a gift for her second birthday - in similar fashion that her big brother's Raggedy Andy that was to be his baby gift became his 2nd year birthday gift too.)


  1. Cute house and the new niece is adorable!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and joining in on the contest!

    Oh, and I did the stalker thing on ravelry and added you as a friend! :)


  2. Your new house looks beautiful! So does Althea's little one. Tell her congrats for me. Miss you. Come to snb this week?