Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's All About Sewing These Days

First up I should mention the amendment to my blog name. When I started out it was all about knitting. I, of course, was sewing, cooking and baking back then too, but just didn't really talk about it too much. It feels silly to have a title proclaiming knitting when lately I write more about other things. So thus the wee amendment. ;)

So... Or sew as the case may be... I've been sewing up a storm over the last week or two. It all started out with, you guessed it! Some diapers! We had a minor incident awhile ago in which an innocent dog was briefly blamed for a nasty mess on the dining room floor that is until it quickly became obvious that the wee boy pointing in horror at the mess, saying "Doggy poop" over and over was in fact unaware the mess had come from him and the diaper he'd managed to undo (while still fully clothed - it's a rare talent I know...). Anyways enough rambling. I decided at that moment all Velcro close diapers were to be banished to the deep, dark depths of the closet and from that moment on only snap close diapers would be used (which incidentally the naked little streak that just ran past makes me suspect snaps might not be 100% toddler proof either.)

To make my long story short suddenly our diaper stash was a bit skimpy without the offending Velcro closing ones, so I made a couple of my usual pocket diapers.

It's been super duper hot here lately and with no a/c in our house the boys needed some really light weight pjs. The first pair are the summer installment of daddy/son matching jammies I think (BF)G would most likely disown me if I posted a pic of him in his jammies and the boys didn't feel like cooperating so you get an unmodelled pic (with LTM's "Douglas" horse that he said really needed to be in the picture) The bottoms were made from fabric I bought about 15 years ago and the boys tops are cut from a $5 size 2XL tee from Walmart (way cheaper than buying a half metre of knit at my local fabric store!)

The second pair bottoms are from fabric that (BF)G's niece had in her stash and didn't need anymore, LTM's top made from an old too short to be decent tee of mine with an appliqué accent and Baby Boy's from stash fabric with a freezer paper stenciled accent. I think they turned out pretty cute and I love using up odds and ends!

I also am part way through a blouse for me, and have two pretty new fabrics begging to be made into something for me all me! The orange floral wants to be a Collette Pattern's Sorbetto Top and the red polka dot is destined to be Sew Weekly's MTL Day After Day Dress. Many thanks to my Mom for the birthday money that resulted in this fabric buying spree!

I've also amassed all my supplies to make my baby crazy Baby Boy a Waldorf inspired doll. I may be crazy. I was confused by step two of making the head...

I guess it hasn't been all about sewing. I've done some knitting too. I finally frogged back a few rows on the Clapotis I started back on January of 2010, figured out where I am and replaced all the stitch markers that were removed by a small boy pulling the needle out (about a year ago!). As well I am working on a secret project for Christmas. Look at me so ahead of the game! Ha ha!

Enough of my musings... The little ones are getting restless! Time to get these monkeys outside to play!

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