Saturday, November 03, 2007

Not much knitting going on these days

Despite the fact I really, really need to get my list accomplished! This fall I've lost out on so much valuable knitting time by driving to work instead of taking the transit. I can hardly wait for my ankle to be strong enough to walk the two blocks to the bus stop again! Every week I keep hoping and every week it let's me down. But maybe next week it will really be ready! After all I've been able to flex my foot for almost a week now since being on the anti-inflammatories! YEY!!!!!!!!!! I am disappointed because I tried to go without my ankle brace (lovingly known as "FrankenAnkle") on Friday and I made it all of an hour and a half before I needed to put it back on. Slowly but surely it really is improving though and that's what I'll focus on!

But back to knitting... I've managed to do a couple more inches on (BF)G's sweater, but not much. I'm so close to being able to divide the front and back for the raglan shaping but can't seem to get those last few inches done to get there. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll get going on it. But then there's the matter of my Christmas knitting that I have to start / finish.

My fancy lace ball decoration has been knit - but I forgot yesterday to buy the balloons and glue I need for taking it to the finished state. Right now it looks more like a fancy lace amoeba than a ball. I will take a jaunt over to the dollar store at noon, so I can at least get it rolling (ha ha - lame attempt at a pun, I know!)

G's cabled newsboy cap only wants an insert into the brim and then it's done. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow too. Then I can check it off the list too.

Here's my list of knitting to be started and / or finished before Christmas

Cabled Newsboy cap - easy to finish
Matching armwarmers - need to start
(BF) G's sweater - need to finish
J's Joey Ramone doll - need to start
G's Very Cropped Hoody - need to start
Lace scarf or Arrowhead shawl - really, really must start and finish quickly! It's for my Christmas swap partner!
Lace Leaf Pullover - start and finish before the library refuses to allow me to renew the book any more!
Something for N! Must come up with idea, buy wool, start and finish

Of course I was at Fabricland the other day and suddenly took a wild notion into my head that I should make flannel jammies for all the little ones which would include, Divine, Alexandra, Logan, Ethan and Robbie. Hmmmm... not sure I'm so good at the follow through, but man, they had adorable flannel there! Besides, if I'm sewing anything, it really should be Robbie's Raggedy Andy that I made almost two years ago now for his birth and then never finished. Poor Andy sits in my closet naked and half bald. Hmmm. Maybe I should dig him out tomorrow too!

Sigh... and the phrase of the day once again?

So much to do... so little time to do it in.


  1. What a drag that you lost your public knitting time. SIGH. Wishing you happy healing.

    Burn something in effigy today to make yourself feel better... for my part, the hot glue gun will have to do.

  2. Kristina,

    Does supper count??? Ha ha! I got kind of distracted whilst stirfrying the rice... ooops!

    I'd light a bonfire, but in this neighbourhood I can just wait until the local teens decide to torch another garbage dumpster!

  3. Your xmas-swap parcel is in mail, but I think it'll take app. 3 weeks before it reaches you. Hope you have patiense.

  4. Ohhhh... this is very exciting indeed!!!! :)