Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Yesterday, I got a lovely parcel all the way from Australia! Lea sent me wonderful goodies for the Amazing Autumn Coffeeswap. I wish I had my camera to take pictures of it all - you'll remember the dog incident of a while back which has left me camera-less. Anyways - I'll do my best to describe it and as soon as I can locate a camera will take a picture for the blog.

Everything was wrapped in brightly coloured tissue paper, which made the parcel even more fun! First off - there was coffee. A pound of fair trade coffee that if I hadn't slept in this morning, I would have enjoyed a cup first thing! Then there was quilt fabrics - oh the plotting and planning I've been doing. It's all in gorgeous shades of green. Next I opened a packet of chocolate. Oh chocolate how I love thee! Moving right along, the next packet I opened was two sweet felt snowmen ornaments, then a snowman picture frame, some beautiful soap, two skeins of gorgeous yarn (one hand dyed sock and another soft mohair blend which is absolutely begging to become a cowl for the winter) and a set of the most adorable snowmen stitch markers you could ever set your eyes on. I squealed so loudly when I opened the stitch markers I think I frightened the dogs and cats! ha ha!

Thank you to Lea for being such a fantastic and generous swap partner! I hope that your partner spoils you the way you've spoiled me!