Sunday, July 24, 2011

I must be in some sort of time warp...

One where time has sped up at an alarming rate!!!!  I have no idea where the month and a half since I last posted has gone.  It certainly flew by!

In that time I did some sewing, I did some knitting, I did a whole lot of housework (at least I'm sure I must have) and I did a whole lot of enjoying life with the little guys!  Oh and of course LTM turned two and I turned (gulp!) 40!  Now there's some sort of freaky space time continuum going on that made it possible for me to be 40 already!

No pictures of knitting yet, because quite frankly nothing has been finished and I just don't feel like taking pictures mid-project these days.  I did almost finish a little sweater for a friend's baby (hmmm.  Baby is due soon.  I should really think about finishing it!)  It's a fantastic little pattern, written by a friend of mine.  I highly recommend you checking out, Full of Fluff's Baby Shell.  Check out her other patterns while you're at it!  They're all kinds of awesome!!

I'm also working on a hobby horse for LTM because his current favourite song is "Yankee Doodle" and he likes to pretend he's riding on a pony all the time.  Except sometimes his "ponies" don't ride very well.  It's hard to make a ball co-operate really.  I should get cracking on that one too and finish it before the boys are graduating high school!

In sewing I've done a few things.  I signed up for a swap in one of my Mommies groups on Rav, and made an shorts and tee set and pair of training undies for my swap partner's little guy.  He's the same age as Baby Boy, but his mama is doing EC-ing with him, so hopefully the undies are helpful.  They'd be a bloomin' disaster here!  I used Fishsticks Designs Lap Tee Pattern and Little Fishies Undies as well as a shorts pattern of my own design.

Let's see... What else did I do?  I made a hat for LTM - ok.  Actually it was for the swap, but I made a slight calculation error and it turned out a hat for LTM to grow into.  He likes it, but it'll be better for fall or when his head grows... a lot.  No pictures yet.  I'm kind of too embarrassed.

 I did have some other successes though!  Using the Aquarius Swim Diaper tutorial I've made a couple swim diapers.  A couple for our little niece and so far one pair for Baby Boy.  I love the pattern and will make at least one more for Baby Boy, but I've been waiting on the fabric I ordered for it to arrive.

Last but not least on the finished sewing project list... What Little Toddler Man's birthday would be complete without a birthday crown?

I've cut out loads of other things (a couple pairs of Fishsticks Designs Lazy Days Lounge Set for the boys, a baby carrier, and a lap tee for Baby Boy.)  Sewing time has just been somewhat elusive lately!

Now if you'll excuse me... it's a beautiful sunny day and I've got two boys itching to get outside to play.  See you later!