Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cowls, Cowls Everywhere...

I think I've mentioned in previous posts about my new found love of cowls. They're so easy to make, and easy to wear.  I've knit seven in the last 12 months. I thought it was more, but I just went back and counted through my Ravelry project pages and there's only seven. Seven doesn't seem bad at all. Maybe I don't have a problem after all.

My latest one that I just cast off was the Lonicera Cowl from The Sexy Knitter. I knit it as part of a KAL for Sarah Wilson's group. It's a fun knit with a fairly easily remembered lace pattern. Sarah gives a couple of options in yarn weight and size too, so it's quite versatile. 

I chose to knit mine as the short version in a worsted weight, using Araucania Nature Wool in a blue green colour. It's actually the same yarn I used for my Hetty Cardigan that I knit last fall.   

It was a fairly quick knit all in all. It did take me about a month, but that was mainly because I am working on a large test project for Jenni Lansing Designs and as such have only worked on the cowl sporadically in order to try and get the test knit done on time.  

Since winter is still seemingly still going strong we'll have to see if any more cowls jump out at me to be knit. I could very well end up like Bartholomew and his 500 hats only with cowls instead of headwear at the rate I'm going!

I've also done a few other quick projects - I knit a wee baby gift and a couple sewn birthday gifts as well as a new cardi for me, but those will have to wait for another day… I hear Baby Boy rummaging around in the fridge and that never bodes well...