Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Amendments and a Confession

We'll start with the ammendment part of the post!

So as it would turn out, I forgot about a few WIP that I have had languishing on the needles...

I forgot to mention two projects - really I hope there's only two more, because otherwise I've gone from the realm of the kind of having a problem to the realm of good grief I really should get help for this kind of madness!

I told you I succumb easily to the siren song of a new project - I was going to say cast on, but apparently I'm not just limited to knitting in this insanity. I just can't help myself (you'll see proof of this in a moment actually!)

Without further ado I present the forgotten two WIP:

Bristow - I was doing great on this one in the winter - didn't really like the colour, but thought it would grow on me. Have the back and half the right front done. The colour has not grown on me, but how do you completely abandon a project, even if you really don't like it, when so much time has gone into it? HOW?!?!

Pembroke Vest - What should have been a quick to finish knit sat lost and lonely wanting only a neckline and armholes done. I even bought the needles about a month ago that I would need to finish it because I was too lazy (ok this is kind of embarassing) to go down and search through my mess to find the needles that I'm almost positive I probably already had a set of.

So there you have it... another couple to add to the list.

And now the confession. Not two days after posting that I was going to finish up some WIP before starting something new I fell prey to Cafe au Lait mitts. Actually I fell prey to them several weeks ago, but didn't like the yarn I was using so after all but finishing one I gave up on them. But couldn't forget them. The pattern called to me (repeatedly - it was pretty pushy that way and refused to be ignored). So the other day I cast on... they took two days to knit and I love them. Of course the weather is now freakishly warm so instead of wearing them this spring (who needs mitts of any sort fingerless or not when it's +20C outside?) I'll save them lovingly for the fall.

Suffering from the guilt of my failed mission to finish the WIP first, I felt I should actually really do some honest to goodness work on one of them. Seeing as how Pembroke seemed to be the most likely to give me a sense of accomplishment I set to work yesterday. Took no time at all and it was done - seems kind of silly now that I didn't finish it ages ago.

Not sure how much I like my yarn choice. It's a nice enough colour, but perhaps Peace Fleece was a bit of an odd choice for a baby's vest. He's not likely to get much wear out of it regardless of washability (and the scratchy factor) though anyways given I procrastinated so long on it that it barely fits him now. Whatever the case may be - chalk one up for success in my dimishing the WIP list! That in itself is worth something.

I also made a skirt for myself yesterday - the Florinda skirt from Farmingwife on Etsy. Yes - I am expecting again (due in the fall) and figure sooner or later will have an actual need for something nice but comfortable to wear - I love the pattern! I've already got plans for a second one in different fabric with a slightly different waist band. Sorry no pictures yet of this project - I'll have to get that done one of these days!

So, no more promises on working on WIPs only. Turns out I need to know my limits and embrace them. I am just not a one (or six) project kind of gal. What can I say?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where does the time go?

All smiles
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One minute I was pregnant, then it seems within the blink of an eye life has become about chasing a very active nine month old around. Baby Bean is not much of a baby anymore it would seem. He can crawl with a staggering speed, walk around the furniture and climbs like a monkey.

I feel very remiss in the fact that I last posted that my wee man was five months old and prior to that I think he was only a few months old. So much for my regular blogging. I am hoping that my return to work (and therefore return to regularly scheduled coffee and lunch breaks) will allow a bit more time in the day for jotting down a few thoughts once in a while.

I'd love to say I had oodles of projects to show you from my time away from the blog, but the sad truth is after a mad knitting run just before Christmas - four sock monkies, a couple of hats and five bunnies - I have not finished a blessed thing. No sewing been happening either unfortunately. I have plans though... Oh yes and good intentions to boot.

I have decided I should finish my current WIP that have been languishing in the deepest darkest reaches of my house. In fact three of them I'd actually managed to lose for a bit. Not sure what that says about my skills as a housekeeper, but none the less. They were lost. Nothing makes me want to knit something more than when I can't find it. Unfortunately once found, I knit for a bit, then my eye starts to wander to something else. It's a bit of a curse, really.

So without further ado, here is the list of projects I plan on working on over the next little while (and maybe if I'm lucky I'll actually finish a few of them too!) :

Plath Cardi - so close to being able to finish this one! Just need to do the sleeves and the trim then I could maybe actually get some wear out of it for the spring!

Clapotis - started this one as a KAL with my Ravelry Mommies group. Stalled out when I foolishly managed to grab the needle and pull it straight out of all the stitches. Really should get back at it - the KAL finished January 15th. I'm no where near done.

Clementine Shawlette - Really, if I could find some focus, then maybe, just maybe this old, old, old WIP could become and FO. I started it in 2007 on the trip to Peru, frogged it sometime later that year and restarted it. Got more than 3/4 of the way done and got bored. I have a mere 10 inches left to go - but it's the boring part - same four rows of pattern over and over and over.

Chevron Scarf - No where near done this one. About 5 or 6 inches into a very long scarf that I started last spring. You know the kind of project. You see a picture of it and you just have to have it? Life cannot continue until you knit it? Well - same sort of thing goes for this as for my darling Clementine. I got bored. And fast. But the yarn is really pretty (Knit Picks Imagination), so you never know. I may show it some love again some day.

Froot Loops Socks - halfway done sock number 1. It's a sad and sorry situation when you suffer from 1st sock syndrome, let alone 2nd sock syndrome. I think I may just frog these. The yarn (Panda Cotton) does not play well with me. It splits, it snags, it causes no end of grief.

So there you have it! We'll see how far I get on my mission to finish things up before I fall prey to my wandering eye and the lust for a new project. The siren call of the cast on is never far off you know.