Saturday, March 31, 2007

Some more FOs!

I finished the Green Bean socks and (BF) G is very happy with them. He claims that they are perfect! They did turn out very nicely and actually fit him, so no wonder he's excited. His sweater I made him last summer was a disaster. Turned out very very large on his less than large frame. Actually body of sweater was short and stout, and arms were meant for a gorilla I think. But hopefully he'll get use out of it camping or something. Anyways, I think the sucess of the Green Beans really makes up for it all! I was mighty pleased with myself too, because I taught myself a new trick in finishing them. I've always been terrible at grafting. It turns out more like a haphazard tangle of thread than a nice smooth finish, but not this time! Instead of avoiding it like the plague (which I normally do in light of bad results), I embraced the challenge. I followed some great instructions every step of the way and it worked. I am really excited about this! Yes, I do realize that I'm obviously very easily amused, but I've learned to embrace that as well!

Once the Green Beans were off the needles I felt rather bereft and needed a quick project before starting anything new. I made a cell phone cozy for myself based on a pattern I had found last year and then lost (can't even remember the pattern company so unfortuately cannot give credit where credit is due.) so had to go by memory as to what it looked like. I used a bit of dishcloth cotton and an unknown fun fur that was lurking in my stash cast on 20 stitches in the round, did seed stitch until it was almost the height of my phone, then a couple rounds of stocking stitch with the fun fur, and voila. Within an hour I had a cell phone cozy. In retrospect I wish I'd used a few less stitches so it would have been a tighter fit, but oh well. Not a huge concern - I may just run a quick elastic through the top to cinch it in a bit. I think it's kind of cute anyways.

I'm still working away on the Party Lace Scarf, but got sidetracked a week ago Thursday with my Monkey Socks. They were just begging to be cast on, and honestly, this has got to be the fastest sock pattern on record. With very little knitting time I'm done sock number one and more than half way through the first sock! I love this pattern, I love the way it looks already and I love my Berry Sweet Georgia! I think socks are my new addiction.

Unfortunately, poor Seamus still sits in the basket, the body and one cuff done. Probalby wouldn't take long to finish it, I'm just not feeling the love for it right now. Not sure why. Maybe once I get Monkey Socks out of the way, I'll finish Seamus before I start the Janet Lace Shawl or anything else.

I also got somewhat sidetracked last week making my friend L's dress for her friend's wedding social that was on Friday night. After a minor fitting disaster - note to myself - next time, warn the person being fitted to wear the proper undergarments that will be worn under the finished garment - ie: NO PADDED BRAS if said padding is not going to be underneath the very fitted top in the end! Early Friday morning I was remaking the entire bodice of the dress to fit to actual size. Grrrr. In the end it did end up looking lovely though and I was really pleased.

Well, the two younger kids have been busy helping make Easter dinner, so I should go put the finishing touches on and set the table!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I just can't help myself...

Well... I went and did it! I bought more yarn. So much for being good with the Stash & Bust Along. I had already caved a few weeks back and bought my gorgeous skein of Sweet Georgia in the Paris colourway. I know exactly what it's destined for. After searching and searching for the perfect shawl pattern, I've settled on theJanet Lace Shawl from Knit Picks. I think it will suit the yarn perfectly seeing as it's a similar colour itself.

I had justified the Sweet Georgia with the fact that it was about to become very hard to get my hands on in light of her upcoming hiatus. However, I can't think of a single justification for my next self induced stash increase other than it was a great bargain. (I wish my mother's words would stop running through my head... It's not a bargain if you don't actually need it. Hush, Mom! You've never really lived by those words yourself, so really stop saying that - and by the way while you're at it, could your voice please get out of my head for awhile? It's disconcerting the way you pop up by surprise that way!) Anyways, I splurged on a bag, yes a whole bag, of Bamboo. How could I not? It worked out to only $58.00 Cdn. for 10 balls, and it's pretty certain that it's SWTC's Bamboo given the colours are the exact same. And now, Yarn Discontinued appears to have Cherry Tree Hill sock yarns available for a great price too. Oh. The injustice of all this temptation.

I am patting myself on the back though for working on UFOs - ok in reality they weren't even WIP until a few weeks ago, but I'm going great guns on them! I've been working away on my Party Lace scarf and a new pair of socks. This time I'm making socks for (BF) G. He begged. He pleaded. He bribed. I gave in. After all, I really do appreciate his understanding and support, and let's face it, when I catch him at a weak moment, his enabling of my addiction. He's even promised to either make me, or buy me a swift and ball winder after helping me untangle the mess I made of the skein of yarn for his socks and hearing me rave on after I took a little reconassance mission to the LYS to check out the efficiency of swifts (I think I'm in love. I really really want one.)

So tonight, I hope to really motor through what I'm calling his "Green Bean" socks. I'm using the lovely green yarn my SP sent me a couple of weeks ago, and they remind me of one of our favourite veggies, so thus the name! Well, I'm off to go hide my credit card away so I can't easily grab it in a weak moment of online "window" shopping.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some FOs and my very favourite WIP

So, I feel it's time to show off some of my accomplishments of late!

First off, I finished the second Hot Tamale Sock awhile ago, and decided to make G a pair of ankle socks with the left overs. I finally got them finished last Sunday morning while watching Coronation Street. Amazing that I could knit with all the stress over Ronnie trying to get poor Steve blamed for the hit and run - I never did like her one bit. Sorry... I digress! Back to knitting. So as I was saying I finished her socks and she's quite pleased with them, as I am with mine, although truth be told, they're a wee bit baggy, but that's ok. They're cozy and colourful to say the least!

Next on my list is my brown and pink purse that was originally destined for the International Tote Exchange. However, after felting it, I decided it was a little small for what I thought my partner would like and I decided that I would just keep it. And no, G if you're reading this. This is my bag. I am NOT giving it to you and no, you may NOT steal it either. I'll be watching you. Remember... Mom's see all and know all. Ooops, sorry. I digress again. It's just that I live with a knitted item thief and I have to keep a close watch on her or my knitted things tend to wander down the hall into the abyss of her bedroom.

Moving right along is the tote that's going to a new home. I love this tote! It's big and roomy and just feels right! I have plenty more wool where it came from (a random purchase of about 8 balls of Paton's chunky last summer - the tote only took two) so I probably will make one for myself. Although G was eyeing up this one too. I'm telling you... I have to be constantly on my guard against eyelash batting and flattery. "Oh, Mom... I love that! Can I have it? Please? Can I just borrow it?"

Now for my very favourite WIP! As I mentioned in my last posting, my very fabulous SP8 partner gave me a delicious ball of Rowan's Kidsilk Haze. I'm in love with this yarn. I really am. It's beautiful and it's like knitting with a cobweb it's so fine, but it's so soft and is working up surprisingly fast despite some issues with dry skin (bad combo - fine yarn and lizard lady skin) and losing a stitch and then having to try and frog back to find where it went. I definately don't recommend frogging this particular yarn! I'm loving the easy lace work of MagKnits party lace scarf

So there you have it! That's what I've been up to lately!