About Me

I started this blog what seems like a lifetime ago. When I began writing I was mid-divorce from my husband of 15 years, had three young teenagers and had no idea what an amazing, wonderful journey my new partner and I would embark on together.

Fast forward to now, I have three adult children and two toddlers. We have three large dogs, two cats and some fish. We've traded our city life for a more peaceful existence on a farm that we desperately want to get back up and running. I've left my job as a cataloguer to be a stay at home mom. Life is busy, hectic, exhausting at times, but good. Always good.

I have always enjoyed crafting. I started sewing when I was very small. I remember hand stitching barbie doll sleeping bags at a very young age. Five years old maybe? Knitting came a bit later - it was the summer before grade three. Mom taught me that summer, she in the big rocking chair, me in the child's rocking chair.

Throughout high school, along with my academic diploma, I completed a three year vocational diploma program called Fashion Technology and Design. I've sewn professionally. At one point in the early years it seemed I did mostly mending, hemming and replacing zippers. Eventually things picked up and the list ranged from grad gown to horse blanket (I knew absolutely nothing about horses and there I stood in the middle of someone's field, tape measure in hand trying to figure out where I should start measuring the horse's behind. In retrospect I'm awfully glad the horse was incredibly docile!). A few years, and a move later I started sewing dance costumes for a highland dance group. For several years June and July were taken up with that, my machine a permanent fixture on the kitchen table - moved out of the way only at mealtime! I rarely sew on commission anymore - I simply don't have time with the toddlers, but still sew for the sheer pleasure of it.

I was once told by someone that my knitting and sewing were a waste of time. I think it safe to say they were wrong.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings about baking, cooking, knitting, sewing and life here in our prairie home!