Saturday, June 04, 2011

Some New Projects and Yet Another Snag

I've been at the machine a bit lately.  Last week I had a really long stint when both little boys decided Saturday afternoon was a good napping afternoon.  I managed about two hours time I think!  It's amazing what can be accomplished in a block of time like that!

My circle of friends are still in the midst of a baby boom, so I've a list of gifts to make a mile long.  Really.  Every time I figure out what I want to make for one babe to be, another Mommy announces a new arrival on the way.  Luckily I enjoy making baby things and they go nice and quickly!

I actually really love the gift I made last weekend!  I hope the Mommy I'm giving it to (and of course her baby girl) will love it just as much!

I used made by Rae's pattern for the dress, Fishsticks Designs' pattern for the bloomers and the shrug is "Confection" from The ShizKnit.  All fantastic patterns that I'll definitely turn to again and again I'm sure!

I also made another pair of pjs for Baby Boy, again using Fishsticks Designs "Comfy Sleep Set" pattern.  I made this set a bit bigger because Baby Boy has already outgrown the first set I made him!

I think he's looking pretty comfy in them while he plays.  What do you think?

Anyone want to take a stab
at figuring out exactly what
I'm supposed to do next?
I started working on my Lopi sweater.  You know the previously doomed, but then saved, and now... once again doomed sweater.  I picked it up quite some time ago, determined to finish it.  I was so close.  Only the neckline, hood and finishing to be done.  Then one day I went out and foolishly, oh so foolishly, left my pattern where the dogs could reach it.  I came home to find, much to my dismay, that the dogs had eaten my pattern.  The very part I need in order to finish the sweater, GONE.  There were some tattered and torn pieces of paper scattered around the room, and I tried to salvage them.  Unfortunately they didn't belong to the sweater I am knitting.  I've finished the neckline, I'll eventually do the hood, but how to attach one to the other and finish the sweater is beyond me.  I tried it on too.  And it's too small.  Way too small for decency.  I'm greatly saddened, no make that frustrated, by this final snag in the Lopi from hell.