Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring, Glorious Spring!

Daddy and LTM on the "Motorbycle"
We have had some lovely weather this spring.  I know there will be those that argue with that statement.  Sure we a rather late snowstorm a couple weeks ago, and of course it rained on the Victoria Day long weekend (but it always rains on the long weekend, so really, just expect it, then you won't be disappointed!), but all in all, it's been a glorious spring!

After carefully inspecting the dandelion,
Baby Boy furthers his investigation by tasting it too!
I have been enjoying the time playing outside with my wee men folk.  It's amazing to watch them explore and discover.  To them it's a 3 1/2 acre playground at their disposal.  Little Toddler Man is fascinated by the barns and must investigate them at least once a day.  He loves the big "horsey barn" best of all - truth be told so do I.  It holds such promise.  Those big, well built stalls just waiting for the day we can put horses in them!  He's not quite as fond of the little barn, which is, well little, and old, and in need of repair.  But all in due time. We have plans for that too.  (BF)G and I picture a large greenhouse.  N pictures a place to build a chicken coop.  LTM pictures more "horsies" and who knows what Baby Boy pictures when he looks at it from the comfort of Mommy or Daddy's arms.  We also must inspect the garden shed on a daily basis, I suppose to make sure the dirt bike and the lawn mower are still there where they should be.  LTM thinks the dirt bike (or Motorbycle as he called it for several weeks) is one of the greatest things ever.  He also holds the garden tractor in similar high regard!

There are still days, despite encroaching neighbours, and increasing traffic down our quiet gravel road, that it really feels like I'm living in a big park.  Watching both little boys stand at the window to watch the bunnies, squirrels, blue jays and robins gives me a sense of peace.
LTM and Baby Boy playing together!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Ah how I love me some craftiness!

I've got a bit of a system going in order to get my crafty fix.  Of course I'd love more time, but I'll take what I can get.

It is much easier to get things accomplished if I break them up into little parcels of productivity.  For example with sewing I try to have everything cut out and ready to go so that if I get a moment of time to sit at the machine I actually can spend time doing the sewing.  Cutting out can be done with toddler afoot.  Sewing cannot.  It all comes down to time management.  And just you watch.  Now that I've developed my, in theory, fail proof method for accomplishment something or someone (aka Little Toddler Man or Baby Boy) will throw a wrench into it and I'll have to figure out a new system.  But such is life with two very busy little boys.

Other than the odd snowfall and some wet, rainy weather here and there it has been phenomenal here in my little corner of the prairies, so crafty time has taken a back seat to outside play time with my little guys.  It's amazing how much both little ones love to be outdoors.  Even the baby who just gets to pretty much sit in his stroller or on occasion have a go in the swing loves it.  He can be fussy as can be until he realizes we're on our way outside and suddenly he's all smiles and coos!  LTM would spend every waking hour (plus more) outside if I let him.  If we need to venture out in the car anywhere I've taken to warning him for at least half an hour before we are to leave, "We have to go in the car today. We're going to go [to the city, grocery store, whatever], and then when we come home we'll go outside to play.  Ok?  Say ok, Mommy."  (we find if we ask him to say "ok" to things he's much more agreeable, I think he's figured out there's some sort of connection to saying ok and following through on it!). I usually have to repeat this little conversation several times before leaving or it's get to the garage open the car door up and have a wailing toddler, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Outside to play."  or better yet, open up the garage door and the toddler bolts as I'm putting baby in his car seat all the while yelling, "I'm running away.  I'm running away."  Good thing we have 3 1/2 fenced in acres in which he can run away.  I'd be terrified if our garage opened up on to a busy lane or street!

Comfy PJs / Puppy Apron / Rag Quilt
I have still managed to get some good sewing and knitting time in too!  I took part in a SAL (sew along) with my fellow October Mommies on Ravelry and made a great new pair of pjs for Baby Boy.  I used Fishsticks Pattern's Comfy Sleep Set pattern and loved it.  I really hope to make another couple pairs and some for LTM too!  It's a fantastic little pattern!

I got LTM's apron done too.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I think he's pretty happy with it too.  It's already had lots of use in the kitchen!

Baby Boy needed a new quilt too, so using an online tutorial I made him a snuggly flannel rag quilt.  Rag quilts have to be the easiest thing going!  Well, except for the cutting of the seam allowances that is. My hand may actually never be the same again.  I didn't take the quilt to a laundromat to wash, but instead threw it in a zippered duvet cover and hoped for the best.  Thank goodness for the duvet cover, or I'd be probably in a lot of trouble with (BF)G and calling a repair shop.  What an amazing amount of flannel fluff comes off of one small baby quilt!  It's finished though, and I'm really pleased with how it all turned out!  Best part is Baby Boy seems quite pleased with it too.  Doesn't help him sleep any better unfortunately, but it does make him happy to snuggle down underneath it!

I'm about to get going again on my Summer Mommies Friendship quilt, and am just working up my nerve for it.  I've come to the part that scares me.  Putting it all together!  Eeek!

French Press Slippers /
Water to Sky Anklets
In knitting, I made yet another pair of French Press Felted Slippers.  This time for LTM to give his daycare provider on his last day there.  I also managed to finish the second sock for my "Pay it Forward 2011" project #5, and then came to the sickening realization that my pair of socks were not identical twins.  They weren't even fraternal twins.  They were complete strangers.  Same ball of yarn.  Two very different colours.  Both in the purple family, but that's about it. The picture doesn't really show how very different they are, but trust me.  They don't even come close in real life.  Guess I have a new pair of mismatched socks to call my own.  No progress has been made on any of my other WIPs yet (Lopi, Chiton, Clapotis... etc.).  I'll get to them sooner or later.  Maybe!

In the meantime, I plan to enjoy the great outdoors with my little men, craft when I get the chance and feel good about the accomplishments I do have and not worry about those projects that languish for ages untouched!