Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm back... and so soon!

Baking cookies
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Wow! Look at me go! Two blog posts in seven days! Amazing!

Things have been going well on the crafting front! (I should add some sort of disclaimer here that by crafting I mean knitting... sewing is still really not happening much to my dismay!)

I feel like I've accomplished much this week between baking up a storm - Little Toddler Man loves to "help" - and finishing up another knitting project, and deciding once and for all to tackle the pattern that has been my nemesis for two and a half years. This year it will get done in time for Christmas and the recipient shall actually receive it this year! It won't sit another season in my knitting basket. I, did even get a very brief chance to sew. Granted it required Baby Boy to chill out in his swing for a bit and Little Toddler Man to nap and me to sew like a fiend before all went to heck in a hand basket, but I did finish the long overdue baby gift for a friend. Yes. Accomplishment, sweet accomplishment is MINE!!!!

As I said, LTM has shown a great interest in baking these days. So much so that the first thing he does upon waking in the morning and being "released" from his crib is to drag a chair from the dining room into the kitchen and demand to "HELP". It matters not too him that I, bleary-eyed, and in my pjs have no intention of starting anything more than the kettle for a pot of tea. No siree. He is a demanding little tryrant. Cracking the whip as early as 6:00am.

No - I do not give in to his commands, but come afternoon we can be usually found in the kitchen making something, whether he's helping me make pastry for tarts or dough for cut out cookies, or even just throwing the ingredients into the bread machine for the day's loaf. He's even helped make puppy treats (be forwarned if you think you'd like to try your hand at it - apparently it's very tasty dough to a toddler, but does contain flax (well my recipe does anyways), which apparently works similar to bran. Just sayin'). He has a funny little thought process about baking however. Instead of making dough and rolling it out and then cutting it, then baking it, he has simplified the whole process. He figures you should just make then dough, then "EAT THE DOUGH!!!!!" I suppose to him the rest is just a waste of time. Cut out the middle man (or oven as the case may be) and all.

Anyways - it has been fun preparing for Christmas with him, even though a bit trying sometimes! (Also be forwarned - do not assume because the dogs are contained when tarts are cooling on the counter that they'll be safe. No. I learned that lesson the hard way as my 17 month old scarfed down two from the cooling racks in record time.)

On the crafting front, I have made a pair of slippers as a gift for G. I used the French Press Felted Slippers pattern and let me tell you, it's an awesome, quick (as in you wouldn't believe how quick) pattern to whip up. I had initially knit them using Winter White Paton's Classic because quite frankly I have a tonne of it. But that seem a) boring and b) unwise with our sometimes not so pristine floors - hey! I have three dogs, and three cats and a toddler. What do you expect???? Anyways given reasons "a" and "b" I decided on a whim after knitting up all the pieces to throw them in the crockpot with some water, vinegar, and about 1/2 tsp rose and 1/2 tsp royal blue Wilton dyes.

I am most pleased with the outcome! Felting them took no time at all either! Two rounds in the washer and they are happily drying out now. Once dry I'll sew some fabulous, yet to be found and purchased buttons on the tabs they'll be done and ready to wrap up! I hope she likes them - I know I sure do! So much so that I am definitely planning to knit a pair for myself sometime in the next few weeks.

The other gift in question is the Clementine Shawlette, and I'm a mere 8 inches from being done. I figure if I knit at least an inch a day, I can be wrapping it up in time for Christmas too! It's been a thorn in my side for far too long. How can counting to four be so darned difficult? I stopped and started this bloomin' thing so many times it's ridiculous, and then there was the daunting 15" of four row repeat that did me in. But I'm on a roll now!

As mentioned, the baby gift is done! I think it turned out really well. Better than Baby Boy's cowboy jammies. I like the thinner bias trim that I used this time! If I make them again I'll definitely go that route.

It seems to me I've done other things too - but I can't really recall at this moment in time what they might have been. Oh yes - I repaired a mitten that apparently was chewed by one of the dogs, ahem, Bella, not too mention any names!

Next on my list of things to do is to finish LTM's Sheldon the Turtle (I do believe I am the ONLY one confused as all get out on the I-cord attachement part!), and I plan to knit an orange for Baby Boy's stocking. I figure he's too young for an actual orange, but I could easily (I hope - touch wood) get one knitted up and put a little bell in it and Bob's your uncle fits the bill as orange and ball. Dual purpose in the stocking... gotta love that!

So until next time, happy crafting or baking or whatever it is you're up to these days!

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