Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy Times

The last few weeks have gone by in a blur of running into the city for doctor appointments and errands, racing against the clock to get a little garden in that we'd hoped to do earlier but had no time for, and N's high school graduation!

I can't believe he's done school! Not sure actually how it happened so fast, but it did. What seems such a short time ago he was terrified of going to kindergarten and would make a run in the opposite direction the minute I got him out of the car at the school. Or if he got to the doors without incident the teacher would have to pry his little hands off of the death grip he had on me. His homemade Telletubby Poe hid in his little red backpack every day for the first few months (you know, because Poe might have been lonely if he'd stayed home by himself).

Growing up. It happens so fast!

In amongst all the running about and excitement I did manage to get some serious craftiness in! In knitting news, I finished a pair of socks. They're just a quick, simple pair of ankle socks, using some yarn I've had in my stash for several years now. The thing I like the best about them, however, is the fact that they are my very own, very first ever pattern. I'm working on getting the pattern ready with the help of a good friend, but in the meantime I'd like to show them off to you!

My "Follow The Leader" socks!

I also got a few gifts completely finished! The Confection Shrug for a friend's baby girl due soon and the Victorian Lace Shrug for a "birthday swap" I'm in right now. I made an Itty Bitty Baby Dress and a pair of matching bloomers to go with the Confection Shrug. For The larger shrug I made a simple pillowcase dress using the tutorial on Prudent Baby's site.

I've been sewing like a crazy lady too lately! A couple necessities for the boys...

Some new pajamas!

Some new shorts!

A couple new swim diapers (the first using the Aquarius Swim Diaper pattern and the second, which I like much better, my own design) and pocket diapers for Baby Boy!

And a surprise "4th of July" diaper for a friend's little fellow! (the little guy's three year old brother has dubbed it the "Captain America" diaper)!

I had some fun making a felt "lunch" and a cotton lined lunch bag to put it in for my little birthday swapee that I made the shrug and pillowcase dress for.

I also did some sewing for me!! Suddenly it occurred to me I had nothing to wear to N's grad dinner. I really hate shopping for clothes for me and I had a good length of a beautiful linen print a friend had sent in a swap last winter sitting in my stash. Using A Simplicity pattern I already had I made a new dress. I love it! It felt sophisticated enough for a banquet, but comfortable enough that I wasn't feeling awkward sitting through an eternity of long winded speeches and not great food.

My dress!

Feeling bold from my dress success I whipped out another pattern from my stash and set to work on a sun dress. Let's just say pride does go before a fall. The bodice was bikini worthy skimpy on top, suck in your gut fitted through the midriff and absolute-bloomin'-lutely perfect through the skirt. It's now a skirt. Full stop. I hate wasting fabric, not to mention the time wasted putting the whole thing together, but the dress would have hidden in the back corner of my closet, whereas the skirt was worn to N's convocation last night!

So, as you can see there's been lots going on here chez Prairie Girl! Busy times indeed! Next event up is Little Toddler Man's 3rd and my 41st birthday in a week's time. I love sharing a birthday with my little man! He's an amazing birthday present in himself and I'm guaranteed cake. What else could anyone ask for?

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