Monday, May 05, 2014

Selfish Sewing Week

Last week was Selfish Sewing Week in blogland. It also happened to coincide perfectly with a sew along in a Facebook Group I'm in. It was fate.

Remember when the dog ate my wallet ? I'd solved that particular mishap with a new wallet - The Necessary Clutch Wallet by Janelle of Emmaline Bags. I really love the wallet. It's everything I hoped for and more. It really is as roomy as Mary Poppins carpet bag. I can fit just about all but the kitchen sink in it. But as luck would have it, a couple months ago, it fell on hard times. Nothing so drastic as being eaten (thank goodness or the dog would have had her bags packed and looking for a new home), but rather an egg. A very large, very messy egg was accidentally broken all over my NCW. All over the truck too for that matter, but really I was more concerned with the wallet. I have my priorities after all. Anyways, I needed to wash my wallet, but felt it best that I make a new one first before popping the original in the machine. (I can justify almost anything, don't you think?)

So I started the search for fabric finally settling on some beauties - that just so happened to be on sale - from Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory. I've ordered from Chelsea before and have always been really happy with her selection, prices and top notch customer service. I really do recommend her shop. And oh dear me! Someone hide my credit card. I went to make sure I had her shop URL correct for you and spied three fat quarters I think I can't possibly live without just on the first page alone. I may have a problem... Anyways, I'm getting off track. I chose Floras Oasis and Windmarks Mirage by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics. I decided to pair them with a bright orange solid quilt cotton  that was in my stash and I adore the result!!!

I really did think that the purse flap was going to be the death of me! I took a good hour trying to get the outside edge of my flap trim absolutely perfect. And failed. Then decided to try it the alternate way so ripped it all out and redid it. And failed. Finally got it done and realized the orange trim that I thought would look so fantastic didn't. It just looked weird the way it was covering the flower. So I took it all apart again. Fused some stabilizer on the lining, some fleece on the other piece, sewed them together, turned, ironed and top stitched. Yay! Sweet, sweet success!

Then I started inserting the locking clasp. Why do these darn things torment me so? Seriously! The last time nearly drove me to drink and this time was no different. Between dropping it, glue side down (of course) on my fabric, having my little guys wandering off with bits and pieces, and me crawling around under my desk trying to locate roll away screws... Well. It finally got put in (a bit crooked, I think) . Then I took a break. I think maybe I panic when it comes to cutting a hole in my wallet, then I stress out and it all goes downhill from there. I must learn to be zen like. Ohmmmmmmmm.

I did add one extra modification, (besides the removal of the decorative strip on the front flap) to my wallet that I really wished I had done on my first one. Using Janelle's tutorial on her blog I made a wristlet strap. I'm so happy I took the few minutes extra to do that step. It makes the NCW even more practical when it can be used "hands free".  (I bought my locking clasp as well as a swivel snap hook from Emmaline Bags, which has become the only place I purchase bag making hardware from.)

Now that I have a pretty new wallet, I set my sights on a pretty new bag. I didn't get it finished in time for Selfish Sewing Week, but hopefully I'll get time to finish it over the next few days so I can let you know what I think of the pattern I am using for it!

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