Friday, February 16, 2007


Wow!!! I've been spoiled. No question about it! I went to pick up the parcel last night before pipe band practice, and I was so excited that I was trying to open it little bit by little bit at every red light. Boy oh boy, my SP had taped it up well. But I persisted and by the time I'd got to practice I had the top of the box open so I brought it in and started taking everything out right there and then. We then had to take a moment to fondle my yarn and oooh and ahhh over the rest of the contents!

I've just recently been introduced to Alpaca, but hadn't bought myself any yet because of the Stash & Bust-Along (I'm trying sooooo hard to be good). I've never felt anything so extraodnarily soft. What fabulous yarn-y goodness! And the colours are perfect for me. And then there was the tea... did I mention anywhere that I love Raspberry tea? I didn't think I had, but it's one of my absolute favourites. Of course chocolate is always a very very welcome treat and between the hot chocolate packets and the huge orange chocolate bar, I've got lots!!!!! The kids better not get any ideas. I'm not sharing. Then of course she'd included tons of Kool-Aid for my dyeing pleasure. I can hardly wait to get going on that! The terrific little notebook will be perfect for in my knitting basket. I almost forgot the candle. I love yummy scented candles and this one is apple pie. Mmmmmmm. Delicious! Ohhhhh.... this is sooooo much fun! Thank you thank you thank you my wonderful, thoughtful SP extraordinaire!

I wonder if it would be wrong to take my yarn to work with me this morning so I can fondle it whenever I want????


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you liked everything. I didn't know that you liked raspberry tea, I just really like that and wanted to share something that I love. Happpy Happy Happy!
    Oh and by all means, take the yarn to work! I would (and have.)

  2. 1. I think you can take your yarn to work with you any old time you want. Just be careful who sees you fondling it! :)
    2. If you are having trouble getting Seamus finished, think of what a nice, multipurpose sweater it will be! Plus, then we will BOTH have finished Seamuses to show at the same time!

  3. Nice package!

    I love alpaca too. It's so soft!