Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jumping up and down squealing, "Look what I got in the mail today!"

Well, it is completely official. My SP is fabulous and wonderful! I already figured as much, but it's been absolutely confirmed by the lavish parcel I received in the post today!

This time she spoiled me with some patterns which are definately ones that I want to make for sure, some wonderful yummy orange scented body lotion (does she somehow know that in the winter I simply can't get enough lotion???) and soap. I love orange... happy sighs... She also sent a really cool mug, and then the yarn. Oh my gosh! I'm in heaven! I got a ball of Rowan Kidsilk - my first ever!!! It's gorgeous, it's beautiful... I want to fondle it too along with the alpaca she sent in the last parcel. I don't even care if people think I'm weird. Anyone who knits will understand. And that's not all! She also sent a huge skein of hand dyed fabulous sock yarn in the most awesome shades of green. I am the luckiest SP recipient ever I think!

She also sent a little hint as to her identity... I believe I've found her. Although my cataloguing skills are faboo, apparently my reference searching skills suck! It took me an eternity to rummage through knitty postings and find her or at least the one who I think it is! ha ha

Well I am off to go fondle yarn-y goodness! Happy sighs (again)


  1. How lovely...What is the green yarn?

  2. It's 85% superwash wool and 15% nylon I think! (I'm in the basement and too lazy to wander all the way back upstairs to check right at the moment - I know... pathetic!) I'm pretty sure that's what her label said. It's soft and gorgeous though whatever it's fibre content may be!