Thursday, September 20, 2007

And may I present a somewhat altered Samus

... that after almost a year is finally off the needles. I've been wanting to finish this sweater forever! Especially considering that for the last several months all it has been wanting is the attached i-cord trim. My problem in finishing it lay in the fact that I misjudged the size I needed to make. A simple matter of doing so many repeats of the pattern for the bottom, wrapping it around my hips and saying to myself, "Well, it fits nicely, I'd better not make it any wider or it will be too big." Of course, it would have been to big. For my hips. Unfortuately, what seemed quite logical would have been fine if my chest were indeed the same size as my hips. It is not. It is considerably larger. Ergo, I had a lovely Samus that wouldn't have met in the middle for love or money. So, it became obvious that a wee i-cord trim was not going to do the trick. I muddled over what to do for weeks. I kept hoping that somehow, maybe if I left it alone in the knitting basket the gods of ill-fitting knitted garments would smile favourably upon me and see fit to either make the sweater miraculously grow or my chest miraculously shrink. As you can imagine, neither has happened and so the other night, after being inspired by Kristina's ingenious fixing of a unco-operative UFO, I picked up the offending sweater and my needles and did a six stitch garter border along the whole thing. I now have a sweater that I can wear (even wore it to work the other day) and although not quite what I hoped for, it has at least been salvaged and I'm not completely displeased with the look of it. (please excuse the messy kitchen!)

So actually wearing my Samus in an attempt to thumb my nose at the gods of ill-fitting knitted garments for their lack of interest in fixing my predicament, I began to knit my Jelly Bean hat from Stitch n' Bitch Nation. I wanted a cute little hat that would be perfect for jaunting about town this fall. It would match my new fetching and was going to be great! Who knows what I was imagining really - it brings to mind the time I was going horseback riding after school in grade three, and all day I pictured myself riding across the prairies like a right proper cowgirl with my long braids flapping gloriously in the wind. What in fact happened was I was unceremoniously plunked on the horse's back, sans saddle, where I proceeded to hang on to the poor creature's neck for all I was worth as I was led around the driveway of my friend's farmyard. Anyways, I digress. Back to Jelly Bean. It's not so much suitable for dashing here and there in the height of fashion as it is to prove to the world that I, for one, have a freakishly large basketball-esque head. (and no - you don't get to see me modeling it, it's just too humiliating right now)

It occurs to me that in light of recent trials and tribulations in my world (my felted clapotis, the too-small Samus, the teeny beanie of a hat), perhaps I would be best to make some sort of sacrificial offer - but honestly, I would have thought that my felted clap would have been sacrifice enough.


  1. Your sweater came out very pretty! I love the red in it too :D Congrats!

  2. You did a great job with your sweater. It looks great on.

  3. It looks great. I love the color (which is no suprise, I knit the same sweater-also with major alterations- in the same color!) Way to go on not giving in to an uncooperative UFO- and I hope the knitting gods smile on you soon.

  4. Pretty!
    It looks good and warm!