Monday, February 18, 2008

I've been spoiled and I'm lovin' it!

I got my Valentine's swap parcel in the mail on the weekend and boy am I happy girl!!! The awesome Megweaver made me cookies that were to die for (the last few I have are hidden deep in the pantry cupboard where the kids won't see them and they're going to work with me tomorrow to have on my coffee break. YUMMY!!!!!! No pictorial evidence of them... sorry ~ N was in the vicinity when I was taking the photo of my goodies and I didn't want to get his spidey "cookie" senses tingling! I did share earlier in the day. I just don't want to share my last few. I want to savour them all by myself!

She also made me a fantastic heart shaped dishcloth which I love and sweet little heart shaped scented sachets. What a lot of work went into my parcel. I feel so spoiled that she took so much time to make me such lovely things! I also received a great pattern called the Falling in Love scarf - I think I have the perfect yarn in my stash to make it! The fun doesn't end there either! I also got some lavendar soap, (which reminds me of my beloved Aunt Flora's yard in the summer - what a perfect antidote to the -40 weather we have right now!), some sweet pea lotion which is headed straight to work to my desk where it'll get lots of use, and pink!! Tictac candies and a box of "conversation hearts", both of which are candies I love! So a big thank you to my wonderful SP, Megweaver! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tomorrow is my not so wee nephew Robbie's birthday and we thought his party was today, but his daddy had to work and his mommy is feeling absolutely horrible with the flu, and goodness knows what else that she can't take any meds for because she's pregnant! Poor thing! Anyways, b'day party was postponed, which was fine as it gave me a chance to finish part of Robbie's present. When he was born I knit him a blanket and started making him a Raggedy Andy doll. I had the doll finished, but at the time of his baby shower, poor ol' Raggedy was not only naked but he was also bald. I promised he was forthcoming and then he met with a series of very unfortunate events. I got busy, so he languished for months in my sewing box, then we moved and he got lost, and then he was found, but my pattern was lost, then I found the pattern and poor Andy was missing again. This weekend I finally got Andy, wool, cloth and pattern all in the same place, so this morning hauled out the sewing machine, made him some clothes (It's far to cold to run around naked in these parts!) and gave him some hair. I'm pretty happy with the results - and I guess two years late is better than never. If I'm going to make the new baby, who's due in August, anything I should probably start now! :)

I also finished the first of the Gentleman's winter sock, but I'll wait to show that off when it has it's mate. I am aiming for end of the month, but we'll see how it goes. I get so easily sidetracked by other projects!


  1. mom used to make Raggedy Anns when we were kids--your Andy brought me back!

    Great spoilage!

  2. Andy is so cute!!!


    And what a care package. You lucky duck!