Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The lack of focus on current projects worsens...

Well, as of the last posting, my yarn from my Etsy purchase arrived in the mail (actually arrived that day!) and yesterday my patterns arrived! I'm absolutely thrilled with the yarn by the way! The colours are gorgeous and the yarn is soft and squooshy! Now I really want to be done with my Gentleman's Plain (emphasis on the plain... yawn) Winter socks so that I can dive into another more exciting pair with my new pretty wool!

The patterns are causing me to want to ditch other current projects as well. Especially the hemp summer top! I can barely restrain myself from unabashedly ordering yarn from Elann for it. The only thing stopping me is the latest bill from my divorce lawyer that also arrived in the mail yesterday. (As an aside, how on earth can my divorce have cost me about $4000.00 so far and yet I don't have even so much as a legal separation in place? How? Do these lawyers not realize what they are doing to my budget - yarn and otherwise???) But I digress. Back to happier knitty type thoughts...

I have progressed nicely on my gathered pullover - I'm actually almost done up to the end of the right front. This sweater is knit in the round up until the armholes and then divided (obviously!) so having almost finished the right front is actually much better than it sounds. Really. It is.

I've done precious little on my sock of dullness.

*Note to self - Don't use plain grey yarn on a plain dull sock pattern it will drive you to distraction with boredom thereby greatly increasing the risk of "second sock syndrome"*

(BF)G wonders when he'll ever see it done and occasionally wistfully mentions it. I am trying to get motivated which is why I refuse to give into the call of my beautiful new sock yarn. If I give in all hope will be lost on his second sock. All this being said, while I waited for G to be done her shift at work on Saturday evening, I did do a couple of rows. I might even have a whole inch done on the cuff. (I'm not measuring though. Not yet. I prefer to allow myself the delusion that I have progressed somewhat on it!).

Maybe today I will work on the sock. It will depend on how long my wait at the doctor's office is. We'll see.


  1. I hate that second sock syndrome too and the last time I did plain socks I knit both at the same time. A couple of inches on each sock and alternated. Made it a bit easier...ciao

  2. I saw that on your blog actually! Wish I seen it before I'd knit almost all of the first sock! ha ha! Next time I do a poke-my-own eyes-out-due-to-boredom pattern, I think I'll try that method!