Monday, October 06, 2008

How is it October already?

I really don't know where the days are going. Honestly, my life is flying by without so much as a "by your leave". We've had some lovely warm weather during the days but the evenings certainly have a brisk fall chill to them. Last Friday morning I actually had to unpack the window scraper before leaving for work! The colours are spectacular, with the leaves turning reds and golds. Although, we had a few really windy days and now the leaves from the oaks are now mostly all over my yard. It is beautiful though. I really do love fall here on the prairies.

In the time that's past since my last posting I've been busily getting to know the latest additions to our furry part of the family. Last Monday, I went to get a couple of "barn kittens". As I left (BF)G instructed me, "We're looking at two cats honey. NO more than two cats. OK?" I agreed and the kids and I happily piled into the van and headed off to a couple towns away to meet our new kitties. Somehow (BF)G's instructions were forgotten when the lady told me she had to get rid of the "baby" kitten as well. Problem was that the day before hand she'd had a bunch of little kids over and had let the kids play with the litter of tiny kittens. The momma of the young litter had decided that she wanted nothing to do with the kittens after that and dragged them off into the bush. Unfortunately the litter had all died out there, except for the wee one they'd found the next day crying. I couldn't leave it behind. I needed to at least try to give it a chance. So we took our two bigger kittens (I figure them to be about six or seven weeks old) and the baby (maybe three weeks old?) home. I tried so hard to save baby Dusty. Trying to feed him with a bottle, sleeping with him tucked into a blanket ontop of me so he'd stay warm. Spending every possible moment trying to get him stronger. Sadly, though, Dusty Kitty didn't make it. We dug a little grave for him in the back in between a couple of trees at the back of the field and said our goodbyes. It's amazing how a little creature no bigger than the palm of my hand that we only had for three days could become so firmly attached to our heartstrings.

Our other two kittens, Houdini and Dora are doing well though. They're getting used to us and the other animals. Lucky, one of our 1 1/2 year old golden's thinks he's their mama. He is very intent on taking care of them. Grooming them, making sure they're doing what he thinks they're supposed to. It's very sweet.

Lucky being "Puppy Momma" to Houdini (Stripey cat) and Dora (White Fluff Ball)

So amongst all the kitten business, I've not had a lot of time for knitting lately. But, I did manage to finish the sleeves of the Cambridge Jacket. Just need to sew the sleeve and body seams, then pick up and knit the collar. (BF)G might get his sweater before the snow flies! I've also been working on my niece's sweater and am almost done with it too.

I dyed some KnitPicks bare sock yarn the other night with koolaid and cast on Clue #1 last night for the Mystery Sock KAL on Ravelry for Soctoberfest. I figure it's always good to have a pair of socks on the go, so why not? I'm going to do the cabled version I think (unless it proves to be too hard right off the hop, then I'll do the basic version, which by the looks of the pictures already up on Ravelry, looks lovely too!). This will also be my first pair of socks knit using the "Magic Loop" method instead of DPNS. All went well with the cuff other than Dora Kitty started chewing on my needle and made it a bit rough in one spot. It was only slightly annoying, otherwise the process has been easy to catch on to. I wish I was brave enough to try two at a time, but I figure, best start with one new challenge at a time!

So - this week's (knitting) priorities will be finishing the Cambridge Jacket for (BF)G, finishing the sweater for baby girl and completing Clue #2 for my sock KAL. I'm eager to do all this because I'm desperately wanting to start knitting Mr. Greenjeans from knitty. That or the February Lady sweater. Still haven't made a final decision on that one. Although Melanie at my SnB group had a good point Greenjeans is a much more fitted look, while FLS is somewhat boxier. I think I should probably opt for the fitted look... but then again... Oh I don't know. Maybe I'll do the guage swatch for each and see which I like better. Really I shouldn't be even thinking about either sweater. I should be doing Christmas knitting and some Hats for Alex instead.

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