Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So much for having a plan...

First and foremost Baby Boy turned one on October 7th.  How is my baby already one????  Happy Birthday little fellow!

Last week was Kids Clothing Week Challenge.  I was going to be participating for the first time - somehow I always find out after the fact that it's on, but this time I found out a whole few days ahead of time.  So I made a plan.  It looked something like this:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday -

  • cut out flannel for boys and (BF)G's new set of matching pjs (ok - I realize (BF)G's pjs don't really fit in with KCWC, but whatever.  If I'm cutting out a gazillion yards of the same fabric I might as well do it all in one fell swoop.
  • sew at least complete sets for the boys (Using Kwik Sew pattern 3126)
Thursday -

Friday and Saturday - 

  • make outfit for friend's expected baby
  • make LTM a new belt using elsie marley's tutorial
Sunday -
  • finish up odds and ends from the week and possibly begin work on a birthday gift I hope to make

I'm so dilusional it hurts!

Here's how the week actually shaped up:

Monday -
  • Cut out fabric for pjs, realize I don't have enough for the fronts of the boys tops and (BF)G's top in it's entirety
Tuesday -
  • Go to my local LFS and buy another 2.5 m of flannel, preshrink it once home

Wednesday - 
  • Sweet nothing - oh! Not true.  Pop into the fabric store in the city for corduroy for LTM's hat
Thursday -
  • Cut out hat
  • Start sewing pjs - get the boys' bottoms done except for elastic
Friday - 
  • definitely sweet nothin' done
Saturday -
  • ditto
Sunday - 
  • Feeling all woe is me, I completely failed at my first KCWC I decided to make one project and see it through to completion.  The Eddie Cap is sewn and well loved.
So.  What a bust.  All the challenge required was one hour a day.  I tried to be realistic and tell myself if some days didn't get any challenge love it was alright because other days I could double up.  Ah well.  Life being life, sometimes other things come before sewing, and (BF)G had a week of vacation time from work and spending time with him and the little guys, plus spending a day with G before she took off for Costa Rica for the next six weeks all fell into the coming before sewing category.

That being said, I really wanted to do KCWC, so although the official week is done, I'm doing my own little challenge this week, just to say I did it.  So far so good.  Right now I can't for the life of me remember what it was I did Monday.  Hmmm.  No clue.  Must be getting old.  The memory is going! Tuesday I cut out and sewed the pants for my friend's baby as well as cut out the shirt.  Today I sewed the shirt.  And thought about cutting out the remaining top pieces for the matching pjs - does thinking about it count?? Tomorrow, maybe I'll actually start tackling the tops! Once they're finished I'll see what comes next.  Belt (kind of necessary - suddenly LTM has become a skinny minny and his pants keep falling down) or the birthday gift -  birthday's not till December so maybe I can wait on that one.

I did do some major sewing before Baby Boy's birthday and KCWC.  I made Baby Boy his birthday crown and nine goodie bags using Fishstick's tutorial.  I also knit two hats for the babies that were too little for regular party goodie bags and finished a blanket square and small toy. 

The round up of finished projects (in no particular order thanks to Blogger not letting me put the photos where I wanted them to be):

Baby Gift Outfit
(top is Fishstick's Lap Tee and bottoms adapted from a Simplicity pattern)

Blanket Square and Toy for a communal project

Party Favor Petunnia
Party Favor Pumpkin

Goodie Bags for Baby Boy's party guests

The Eddie Cap
The Eddie Cap View 2
So overall some good productivity.  Just not during the week I expected to focus on it.

PS:  It's just come to me what I did on Monday!  I sewed (BF)G's pj bottoms!  Phew.  That lack of memory was kind of bugging me!

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