Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Cape Cod Capelet

Just stopping in with a quick post this morning to tell you all about the newest pattern from Itch to Stitch*

I remember back when I was a little girl - maybe grade two or three - Mom knit me a poncho. It was a variegated yarn, but the predominant colour was pink and I LOVED that poncho.  I wore it for years!  When Kennis posted the call for testers for her Cape Cod Capelet, I was reminded of my poncho of long ago and while this isn't anything like that poncho, I had a feeling I would love it just as much.

It's that time of year where I can't decide if I'm chilly or too warm, so sweaters are a bit too much right now, and while the "Librarian Dress Code" dictates that a cardigan must be worn, sometimes it gets a bit dull day after day.  I jest... A cardigan does not necessarily need to be worn, but must be within reach at all times. (Actually I'm just kidding.  There's no secret librarian dress code despite the fact that I'm sure my students think otherwise with my constant rotation of cardigans. LOL )

So let's mix it up a bit and throw in the Cape Cod Capelet!  I made mine out of snuggly rib sweater knit fabric that I got locally at the fabric shop in town and I want to live in it! I did tone it down a bit from my 1970's poncho and went with a pretty basic neutral grey that I can wear with anything. It's the perfect thing to throw on to ward off the chill.

It's such an easy pattern too!  Only four pattern pieces - front, back, sleeve and collar. And it whips up quick as can be.  It has a high low curved hemline, raglan sleeves, and a loose "floppy" collar - mine is a bit less floppy due to the nature of my thicker sweater knit.  I don't think it took more than an hour to sew up so it's got instant gratification, sew it up in the evening and where it out the next morning potential written all over it.  You can choose from so many different fabrics for this one.  I even saw a stretch lace version pop up!!  Wouldn't it be glamorous for the holidays in lace over a shimmery cami and a pencil skirt or skinny pants... hmmmmmm.  Filing that idea away in my mental filing cabinet for future pondering!

Best part about the capelet is it was the kick in the pants I needed to finally figure out how to use the cover stitch option on my Singer Serger/Cover Stitch machine.  I've only had the machine for three years now. When I first got the machine I'd tried out the cover stitch but clearly hadn't threaded it correctly.   To be honest the machine is a bit of a beast to thread and some of the places thread needs to go are very hard to get at or even see.  And the instruction manual is about as clear as mud, so I got frustrated, then I got intimidated and then I gave up.  However, the Cape Cod Capelet has a curved hem and I hate sewing curved hems with the heat of a thousand burning suns.  Which is a problem, because I love wearing curved hems.  Such a struggle.

So I sat down on Sunday afternoon, grabbed the manual for my machine, screwed up my patience (and courage) and figured the damn thing out.  It took a few test runs, but once I had it figured out I was off to the races.  A cover stitch is magical on a curved hem. I'm willing to bet it's pretty great for regular hems too! LOL.   I want to cover stitch all the things now.

I really recommend this pattern if you want a quick fun project to add to your wardrobe!  You can grab the Cape Cod Capelet on sale this week over at the Itch to Stitch site.

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