Saturday, January 13, 2007

I really don't think I've got a big problem

So, as discovered and already mentioned on Stash & UFO Bust-Along, I don't think I have nearly the stash problem that I feared I did. Really, I only have 128 balls of yarn. That's not really that much. (at least not in my humble opinion) I even found a couple surprises of yarn that I'd forgotten I had. Like Christmas, it was!

You see? It all fits nicely on my bed...

(BF)G apparently thinks 128 balls of yarn is alot. Little does he know. Ha ha ha! He'd probably be afraid if he knew just how bad this little addiction could be!

In other news, I finished two pairs of wristwarmers for G. They took no time at all really.
Fetching only took me two days. I started them Wednesday morning before work and had them done Thursday evening. I want to make more. What's not to love about a quick pattern like that? And G loved them so I was even happier.

I showed the girls at pipe band on Thursday evening and we were thinking that maybe it would be good if we made each a pair to wear when piping outside in the winter. Our bass drummer who is a knitting fiend like myself was making her own pair of wristwarmers, from Dr. Who, I think she said. She'd already made fetching in the fall, but the new pattern was really nice too! Hmmm.... I see many, many wristwarmers in my future! Ha ha!

Well, here's G's hands posing with one of each wristwarmer. The colour isn't as bright as it should have been so you can't really get the idea of the pattern, but I thought I'd post it anyways!

In other news, I almost forgot to mention, now that G's wristwarmers are done, I am back to focusing on Samus and my IHS. These are both projects that I'm using for the It's Not A Gift KAL. I needed something to draw my attention back to those two projects... after all, I think they've been on the needles since November. Is it wrong to use the same projects for multiple KALs? I wonder? I hope not! Especially since those two are definately on my Stash and Bust-Along KAL as well. I think that what ever it takes for inspiration should be fine!

Well, I should go on upstairs and do something about organizing that stash of yarn (that not terribly large stash), so that at some time I can go to bed tonight!


  1. Augh, I lost what I was originally going to post. I'll try again.

    I am really jealous of your stash. Sometimes when I get mine organized, I'll take a picture of it to show off.

    My handwarmers are progressing well. I have a small problem with a cable, but I decided to ignore it and continue, because when I first tried to fix it, I screwed it up even more. However, I'm at the point to start the thumb gusset, so that's exciting. :)

    However, most of my work on it has been done up here in the computer room while watching Doctor Who or Torchwood. I'll be glad once the CBC starts showing it again. I guess I could download other episodes so I'm not always rewatching the same ones.

    I keep thinking I'd like to do a Samus. It's a very interesting pattern.

    Anyhoo, I've got to go now. Nice blog. :)


  2. This is so confusing. I forgot I already had a Blogger account. *facepalm*


    ps. I have a livejournal, It's not just a knitting blog, but since my camera is incomaptible with my computer (stupid Millenium Edition) I don't know when I'll get to the point of easily updating pictures.

  3. Nice stash! You're brave to gather it all in one place like that - I keep my yarn in about 3 different spots, and I think I'm just subconsciously protecting myself from seeing how much I really have...