Sunday, January 14, 2007

Neglected UFOs

Earlier I forgot to post the picture of my UFOs. A requirement of the Stash and UFO Bust-Along. So here they are. Samus and my Irish Hiking Scarf. I'm really pleased with Samus, and I've neglected my IHS for so long I now feel a sense of guilt.

Also, in other news, I've been trying to take pictures of my FOs from 2006 and add them here on my blog. Today I had J's girlfriend K bring over my version of Pasha. I made him last year for J to give K for Valentine's as he couldn't find the perfect stuffed penguin for her. I am still quite proud of Pasha as it's the first project I was ever brave enough to change the type of yarn on. He is made out of two differnt types of eyelash and then crafter's cotton. Apparently he's been well loved.


  1. that is an ADORABLE penguin!!

  2. I love Pasha!
    I made Samus in the same color! Except I got done and hated the sleeves (the pattern calls for a very deep arm hole- something I am not fond of.) So, I took the sleeves off, added I cord around the arm holes, and it makes a very nice vest.

  3. great colour for the hiking scarf!

  4. I'm wondering about the armholes of Samus too! They do seem awfully deep and I've seen others mentioning problems with the depth. I've also heard some had problems with the sleeve cap not fitting well. Hmmm. I like the idea of a vest.

    Thanks Smug Sheep for the compliment on the colour of my IHS! It was my first and so far only attempt at dyeing yarn. Even after repeated washing, there is still a faint smell of Kool Aid! :)