Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

2006 went out with a bang, or more aptly a smash as vandals broke my rear window of my van sometime between early evening December 30th and the morning of December 31st. Now these would be thugs are really quite adventurous given that during that time period we received 30cm of snow approximately here in the 'Peg. What a mess. Not only had to shovel the drive so the van could get out, I had to shovel the van out itself. Today's endeavor was to get a new window put in. Oh what fun. I've now paid almost as much to Manitoba Public Insurance in deductables over the last year as I do for insurance. A whopping $900.00 for 2006. Sigh.

However, 2007 is bound to be better. I used some insurance in the manner of the custom of first footing by making sure my eldest son was first through our door after midnight! He fits the tall (over 6ft. now), dark is definately covered by his almost black hair and well I certainly find him to be a handsome devil if I do say so myself! Now, I realize we didn't really follow tradition (I had nary a lump of coal, bun, or whiskey), but J is definately not a doctor, minister nor grave digger and his eyebrows do not meet in the middle so I figure that his being such a fine candidate for first footer cancels out the fact that I was lacking in the other necessary parts to the custom!

As for our postponed Christmas celebration we did not, as someone had kindly suggested after my last post, wait until Ukrainian Christmas, but instead celebrated on December 30th, the morning after the kids arrived back from Calgary. We had a lovely morning, and the kids all agree that it had been worth the wait! It was good to have some noise back in the house! (BF) G and I had found it awfully quiet in here while the kids were away!

So, tonight is the last evening of my Christmas holidays. Sigh... Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go tomorrow morning. I don't relish doing my ususal crazy running dash for the transit bus between transfers once again, especially as the forecast calls for +4 and rain tomorrow. Could be mighty slippery - and goodness knows I don't run well to start with. Picture if you will a mad flailing about and huffing and puffing and you will have an approximate image in your head of what I tend to look like when running. I'm a disaster! Although, by summer I may become an excellent sprinter after all at this rate!

As it's my last night to enjoy holiday freedom, I am getting back into Samus. I've finished the bottom cabled band, picked up the stitches and have started to the stocking stitch body. (One can accomplish much whilst waiting for a rear window to be replaced!) I am going to sit in front of Coronation Street tonight on the telly, and knit to my heart's content. Well really I suppose in the next half hour before CS comes on I should make some supper for the kids. Apparently they place eating much higher than "Mom's knitting time" Such nerve! ha ha!

Wishing one and all the very best for 2007!

PS: Was totally foiled in my TV watching desire tonight. Coronation Street was replaced with.... urrrggghhhh.... hockey. BAH. (OK. I know it's like blasphemy here in Canada to not appreciate hockey or to at least not keep my lack of appreciation to myself, but we're talking about Corrie here darn it.) Got lots of knitting done anyways though. Whoo hoo me! A good several inches of stocking stitch has materialized on the needles for Samus. A good several more to go. Setting a wee little goal for myself... let's say have the body done by Robbie Burns Day. I figured since I'm knitting Samus and have already discussed other Scottish customs, I might as well stick with a Celtic theme! So yep. Here I go! I decree that the body of Samus (ooohhh that sounds actually kind of gruesome) will be done by January 25th!


  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Gah. My lost post got lost.

    Anyway - I knit Seamus last year - great sweater! Your 'boyfriend execption' is fine for the bustalong, (look for the blogger invite in your mailbox) but you do still have a whole week to get the yarn before the bustalong starts!

  2. I am looking forward to busting my stash!