Thursday, July 19, 2007

An honest to goodness FO!!!

Well, today the purse got lined and given handles! I am really happy with how it turned out and wishing I could keep it for myself now...

Tomorrow I'm off to the post on my coffee break to mail it to my ITEIV partner. I should have had it done ages ago, but alas... ever the queen of procrastination, it's down to the wire. It has to be in my partner's hot little hands by the end of July. Eeek! Good thing Canada Post is pretty speedy to the US!

So without further ado, I present the Periwinkle Cotton Bag:

Here's the specs!

Pattern: Ram Wools' Cotton Bag
Yarn: 1 skein Super 10 Cotton (have I mentioned before how much I love this stuff?)
Modifications: I accidently did too many stitches I think, well that's my best explanation for the larger size then the pattern called for, but I think it's better bigger anyways. Ok back to modifications, I ran out of yarn to do the handles so bought some lovely beaded ones at Fabricland. I think they make the bag a little dressier too, so I like them better than the original idea anyways!

I loved this pattern! The peacock stitch was incredibly simple to remember and easy to do. The bag was knit solely on the transit bus, and provided great entertainment for one gentleman who would sit and watch me knit and was amazed by the whole process. It's funny. I've not seen him on the bus since I finished the purse! Ha ha!

In other mad WIP news, G's cotton tank is coming along really quickly after it's initial bad start. I'm already to the bust, so whoo hoo me! Won't be done for tomorrow night when she comes home from her Dad's, but maybe by the end of the weekend! Samus has been blocked and just awaits seaming so I can do the trim around it. And I have 15 eyelet blouses in various states of done-ness for Ena Sutton Highland Dancers. Only seven more after these ones are done! Then four shirts and by then Folklorama will be starting and I'll shift gears from creation to alterations and fixings. I really hope they don't wear the blue pants this year. Those pants were terrible. I think I repaired at least three pairs a night. Who makes non-stretch fitted pants for dancers' costumes???? Well, if I keep typing those blouses aren't going to sew themselves... guess I should get my hiney in gear and get up to the machine!


  1. Brilliant, Sarah!!!

    LOVE the pattern... and of course, like you, I love my Super10!

  2. I LOVE my bag Sarah! Thank you SO SO Much!!