Friday, July 13, 2007

Let's all say it together... RIBBIT

Yep! I'm off to visit the frog pond. Oh, woe is me! Two days ago I started a fitted tank for G. Figuring it looked way to big, I ripped it all out and did a guage swatch that turned out just fine. (Upside to story... I'm learning the importance of doing guage swatches) Cast on again, but this time figured what the heck... why not do tank in the round. Whoo hoo... no seaming! So I pat myself on the back for realizing I need to decrease stitches because I no longer need a seam allowance as such, and promptly cast on two too many stitches. Pattern doesn't work out and I don't realize it somehow for three rows. Rip all the way back to the cast on and take two stitches out. Start knitting again. All the while patting myself on the back again because this time the pattern's working out perfectly. I have exactly the right number of stitches, it's smooth sailing. I'm invisioning having the tank done by next weekend when G comes back from her Dad's. After all it's going so quickly, and I always have the bus commute in which to knit. And it's of course going to go even faster on circs. Then much to my horror I notice this...

How could I not notice this small disaster? HOW I ask you? How on earth does one do an entire inch or so with the whole thing twisted on the needles? So... there's nothing to do but ribbit ribbit ribbit... I think I will rip it out tonight and then put it aside until tomorrow. Must remain positive about the whole thing though, must resist the urge to toss the tank in the knitting box (not even the basket... a disaster similiar to this deserves the box, in the back of the closet where I can't see it taunting me!) Like riding a horse, must get right back up in the saddle. Such an easy pattern too, there's no reason for all the mistakes. It's depressing! Sigh...

On a bright note, my pups are doing well for the most part! My lawn, you know the newly laid lawn does not fair so well unfortuantely, but we're working on impressing upon them that their favourite game of destroy the lawn is not a good one. Hopefully it works soon, before we're back to mud. But how could anyone get upset with faces like this?


  1. Those pups are too cute! As far as the frog pond goes -- everyone visits it once in a while.
    I hope things progress toward the better as far as your lawn goes.

  2. Those are the cutest pups, never mind the knitting. Our friends have a ten year old golden who is our favourite visitor...better than his owners (just kidding) he purse pattern, where did that come from?..ciao