Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap Assignment #3

This morning I sit here sipping a fresh cup with a bit of cream and some sweetener.. and the first sip makes the morning seem just a bit better than it was before. I love the smell, the warm feel of the cup in my hand, the taste - just everything! What is it that you love about your first cup of the day? Are you a daily drinker? How do you take yours? Tell us how you love to enjoy your first cup!

Oh how I love my morning coffee. Mmmm. It's definately the best cup of the day. I usually take mine with milk and a sprinkle of caramel or chocolate in it for sweetness. A previous coffee swap partner had given me a wonderful container of "flavours" that you can use to either flavour your regular coffee when you brew it or just sprinkle some in your cup. It was a perfect way for me to cut way back on my sugar intake in my coffee.

I usually stagger upstairs in the morning to the kitchen and fix my cup of coffee then it's outside with the dogs. They seem to know that as soon as mom has a cup in her hands, it's time to head to the back door! Lucky and Guinness play in the yard while I keep my fingers warm by wrapping them around a steamy mug of coffee. Once I'm done my cup, then it's time to bring the dogs in, give them breakfast and start getting ready for my day. I love those first few minutes of peace and calm outside before the chaos begins!

I definately miss it if I don't have that first cup of the day!

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