Thursday, November 13, 2008

There'll be no knitting to show for awhile now...

...because either Lucky or Guinness got bored the other morning at home and chewed my camera beyond recognition. They also did in a cel phone, a charger and half my knitting accessories. The next day they chowed down on the Canadian Tire flyer that had come in the mail and N's Christmas wish list. Yesterday they did not chew anything inappropriate. (Thankfully - because really. Their cuteness can only take them so far.)

Unfortunately, I did have knitting to show you. I managed to actually get some done over the last few days.

Mr. Greenjeans' body is now done. It's just wanting sleeves and the band around the edge to be done. I'm so close, I can almost feel it's cozy warmth already. Much to my horror, mind you, I'm a little concerned about the fit. The bust (oddly enough -- nothing ever fits properly across my shoulders and/or bust!) fits perfectly. The lower half of the sweater is leaving something to be desired. As in probably at least an inch on either side. Now. I figure it's one of two things. A) I was feeling anxious whilst knitting it and my guage went askew or B) I've gained way more weight than I should around my mid-section to date. Oh please let it be my guage...

Nicole at SnB last night did make me feel much better about it as she was wearing a stunning sweater that she knit awhile ago and I was struck by the fit of it. It was an incredible fit for her. As in to a tee. Then she told me it had previously been about three inches to narrow across the bust so she blocked the you know what out of it, and the end result was, well, what I would definately call a perfect fit. So, Nicole. I hope your blocking suggestion will work miracles. (and thankfully it's a one button kind of deal so if it doesn't meet in the middle so be it.)

On with the unphotographed progress of my WIP. I did manage to finish the mystery sock. It fits well, and I'm pretty happy with it. Starting the second sock was my SnB project for last night. Apparently, though, I have lost every knitting skill I ever posessed and had to cast on more than once. First time took me forever as I also have apparently lost any skill for counting past ten, but I finally got going and realized I was creating some sort of freaky mobius style sock cuff. Frogged it back and started over. I'm happy to report I've managed to do 3 rows of the cuff. Sad, I know. But there you have it.

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  1. GAH! Sorry to hear about your camera. But keep on knitting! :)