Friday, November 07, 2008

No knitting to show...

Sadly, my knitting muse has not been speaking to me lately. Well, actually it's more a case of I've just been too bloody tired in the evening to knit. I've been plugging away sporadically on my WIP, but have nothing really to show for it.

Mr. Greenjeans has stalled out, with only a couple inches left to go on the body. It seems to take me forever to knit a single row of it right now - I've no idea why. Prior to about two weeks ago it was zipping along famously.

My mystery sock KAL for Socktoberfest hit the brakes last week on the toe. The toe of all things!!! I have to rip it back and start it over - not the whole sock. Just the toe. I somehow managed to bugger it up and it's going off at a weird angle. Odd. Didn't think it possible to screw up a toe of a sock.

And the fireside sock that I started the day I went to divorce court, well I managed to get the whole cuff done waiting for my turn -- judge was running behind and apparently I knit very quickly when anxious, then I got another seven rows done in the waiting room at my doctor's office later on that day. (Let me tell you... there's no better way to spend a "vacation day" from work than going to court to finalize your divorce and then heading over to the dr. for a flu shot. Ugghh.) Anyways. Since that day I've done precisely one row on the sock since. I'm not sure I like the yarn for this pattern. It's Claudia Handpainted in Buckeye which I figured would be lovely, but it's turning out with great pools of grey on one side of the sock and the red a wee splotch on the other side.

Maybe tonight being Friday, which of course used to be my weekly knit night in front of the TV, might get me back in the swing of things. I will have a house full of teenagers for G's birthday party tonight and goodness knows I probably won't be able to sleep for all the racket that will probably ensue. Plus, it started snowing last night which means the cold weather is setting in. Perfect time to finish new socks and a sweater, don't you think?


  1. Ha ha, yeah that tiredness will suck the knitting mojo!

  2. Lost your knitting mojo you say? Tragedy! Come back, mojo. Come baaaaaaack!! Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. I hope you mojo comes back soon. Often I just pick up needles and knit stockinette - even if I rip it later at least my hands are busy. Tired evenings the worst time for me to just stuff my face :) g