Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little progress...

So not much has been done in the way of crafty persuits in my household over the last week. I had such high hopes, but they were kind of dashed when we got our two weeks worth of homework for Bella's puppy school.

It's a doozy of an assignment! We have to have her tethered to us at all times that we are awake and home. (I'm currently thinking of how practical it would be to leave home for the remainder of the assignment!). Needless to say, having a 60lb four legged furry barnacle attached to me at the hip has greatly decreased my time (not to mention energy) for much of anything.

However, I did get some sewing time in this week after everyone else had gone to bed. I paid the price for staying up late, but got at least a wee sense of satisfaction in accomplishment. I finished the "surprise" quilt top that I mentioned before. Now to back, quilt and bind the sucker. That'll be a whole other journey in madness I'm sure! I also got the top done for the first of the two baby quilts I'm planning on making.

Now just to choose fabric for the backing and binding on this one too! I've got some thoughts rattling around in my head, but haven't quite decided what route to take with it just yet.

I have high hopes (once again) that this weekend, being the long weekend, will bring me lots of time for enjoying my sewing and maybe some knitting as well! I think I've managed a total of four or five rows on my plath cardi, which, would actually be perfect for wearing right now. Must get some time to finish it!!!

So keep your fingers crossed for me please!

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