Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Momma needed a new frock!

Well, actually a skirt to be precise. I made my first Florinda skirt a while back, but hadn't had a chance to wear it, or even seem to get a picture of it, but yesterday the sun was shining and it seemed warm enough to wear a skirt to work. Too bad I didn't realize we were under a "wind warning" and the winds were gusting at about 90kms/hour yesterday. Go figure. The one day I wear a skirt in almost a year. It was ok though - a little dicey walking from the far end of the parking lot to the office, but I managed to keep the skirt in the realm of decency and all was well.

Here's me in the first skirt I made - this one had a full maternity panel, which I will definately appreciate as the months go along and I get bigger.

Being as pleased as I was with the first attempt, I decided to throw caution to the wind and make a second skirt. This time doing a different waist. I love this skirt too! And seriously, I cannot say enough good things about this pattern. It's a great fit, the instructions are well laid out and easy to understand. Even if I'd barely sewn a stitch in my life, I think I could have made this pattern successfully!

Since I am becoming like a teenager who refuses to go to bed at night despite knowing I have to get up in the morning (ok - well, I'm in bed by 10:30 at the latest unlike a teen who would willy nilly stay up until the wee hours of the morning) I've also been able to get some work done on the second baby quilt I'm making. This is the "girl" quilt. I'm using Moda's Oh Cherry Oh honey bun to do the strips. I wanted something a little more fun and funky than classic for the quilt. I am considering doing a sort of aqua blue sashing fabric just to add to the fun. Not sure yet though - we'll see once my blocks are done.

Now, I have to say that a honey bun is fantastic. I can not even begin to imagine cutting out all those strips of fabric I would have needed. I'd still be cutting by the time baby to be was a parent to be at the rate I cut things (and at the rate of disasterous results with my cutting - I seem to have trouble with the straight lines!) I've got two 8 strip panels sewn so far - I think that will make 10 blocks. I've three more panels to go. They do take some time, but I'm learning to streamline the process as I go. Instead of sew, iron, sew, iron etc. I do sew, sew, iron, sew, sew, iron. It doesn't seem like it would make much difference, but it has! So here's my in progress shot.

A good use for the time being unused jolly jumper too don't you think? ;)

In knitting news - yes! There is knitting news these days! I've managed to finish one of the sleeves on the Plath Cardi and am underway on the second sleeve. They're 3/4 length. It shouldn't take me long. I hope. Although the last sleeve took me probably a month or more. But I'm motivated now. I really am.

Why the sudden motivation you ask? Simple. I'm dying to cast on for another project, and I won't allow myself the luxury until Plath is done. My good friend, K, messaged me the other day asking if I'd like some of her mom's yarn stash. Her mom, had sadly passed away suddenly recently and K and her brothers were trying to sort through things. I went on Saturday and let me say, K's mom's stash put my stash to shame. She had the most incredible yarns in that stash of hers - and what a knitter she was!! I have a Lopi sweater that I've always wanted to make since I got the pattern about 13 years ago, and thanks to K and her brothers, I have exactly the Lopi yarn for it. I also have accquired some Euroflax Linen, some Arucania Nature Wool, some Patons Classic, quite a bit of White Buffalo 6 ply, much more Lopi and some other lovely treats as well. (and to let you know the scope of the stash in question? I did not even make a dent. Not a dent!!)

So thank you to K and her brothers. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! I am honoured to have this legacy from such a incredible craftswoman as your mother was.


  1. I love that skirt! Almost makes me wish I was pg again...almost! Ha ha!

  2. I like how you added the "almost" ha ha! :)