Monday, May 10, 2010

Need a Few More Hours Please

And to stop needing to go to bed by 8:00pm. This early to bed nonsense is really cutting into my crafty time these days. Baby Bean goes to bed between 7:00 and 8:00 and unfortunately, I'm fast on his heels to bed myself. I need to either quit my job and become a lady of leisure or find a few extra "awake" hours in the day.

I had really hoped to get in loads of sewing time and maybe some knitting too this weekend. It didn't happen. Now it's Monday, back to the weekday grind which means I'll have to wait until next weekend to hopefully get to any crafty type stuff.

I did take a few minutes while the baby napped yesterday to cut out my squares and decide on a layout for baby quilt #1, which in my head I'm thinking of as the "boy quilt" - although (BF)G tells me he thinks it would be great for boy or girl. He just groaned and shook his head when I told him, "But honey! I've got more fabric and a different pattern coming for a "girl quilt!" I believe he's quickly realizing that he's fighting a losing battle here.

As I was saying, I laid out my squares and rectangles for the Charm Squares Baby Quilt. I'm quite tickled with the fabric I chose for it! It's busy, bright and cheery.

After doing my layout, I got N to come over to the table and take a look at it. I told him to see if there was any of the squares he felt should be switched around, and asked what colour I should get for the sashing. He was quick to take interest and told me he thought a light green like the background colour of one of the squares would be great for the sashing. I'm going to follow his advice (green is exactly what I was thinking too actually) and go on the hunt for the perfect fabric. I forgot to ask him what colour I should do the binding and backing in. Maybe I'll ask him tonight. For a 15 1/2 year old boy he's pretty good with this whole quilt planning business!

Quilt layout - minus the sashing in between of course

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