Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kid's Clothing Week Round Up

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Last week was Kid's Clothing Week. KCW means one thing for me usually. I make grandiose plans to sew for the boys all week and in reality, fabric does not get cut out, my machine does not get turned on and nothing gets accomplished.

I was determined to be successful this time. So I didn't sign up.  I figured signing up would alert the gods of sewing that I was planning on participating and that would mean I would be dead in the water from that moment on, they would shut me down instantly somehow.

I set the bar low for myself.  Instead of making a list of five or six items I made a goal of sewing two pairs of pyjamas. One for Little Man and a matching set for Baby Boy. Easy Peasy.  How hard could it be to finish on deadline?

Before diving into the kid's sewing though I really wanted to get my Honey Blouse done first because I was planning on wearing it to a party last weekend that I ended up not able to go to in the end anyways (thanks to my 42 year old back that likes to think it's 90), so I got a bit of a late start to the kid's projects to begin with.

I am happy to say I did finish!  Last Thursday. Only four days late.  I call it a win.  Whoot!!!!!! Success at last. That so rarely happens for me with KCW. Ok, ok. I realize KCW is supposed to mean at least one hour a day for that particular week, but whatever. I have lower standards... And after all, better late then never (or not at all), right?

I had the fabric and the patterns picked out well in advance.  I decided to use a vintage Simplicity pattern for Little Man that I used to use a lot for J and N when they were little.  (Vintage.  Ha ha! It's c1974.  That would be three years younger than me... Does that mean I'm vintage too?) I could make that pattern in my sleep I've done it so many times before and it makes nice comfy jammies.  For Baby Boy I used my standard go to Kwik Sew pattern that I've also made about a billion times now, and just altered it to match Little Man's.  The fabric I had picked up early in the spring and have had sitting in my stash waiting to be used for months. I made a size bigger than they really needed in hope that since summer is half over already they will still be able to wear them next year. Of course this likely guarantees growth spurts of epic proportions over the winter months.

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I was provided with motivation to finish in the manner that about once every five minutes Little Man would ask if his digger jammies were finished yet. Once his were done, he asked about once every five minutes if his brother's were done. (I had told him he had to wait for Baby Boy's to be finished or it wouldn't really be fair). Nothing like an incessantly demanding child to light a fire under you to get things done if for no other reason saving your sanity. (PSA: if you do not want to be harassed do not tell the child what you are making...)

I finished late Thursday evening long after they had gone to bed, so last night was finally the night they got to wear them. Both were very pleased.

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