Friday, September 13, 2013

Monsters on the Move!

Early in the spring one of my mama groups on Ravelry got a group together to do a "travelling sock" project. There were a few of us who couldn't commit to a sock project for various reasons - for me it was because they had to start as toe up socks and I wasn't sure a project where others would be depending on my skills would be the best place to try and learn toe up sock knitting - so the idea for a traveling monster project was born. (Some moms did both! I bow down to their enthusiasm and time management skills!)
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A small diary travelled with each monster -
this was ours
We could each choose our pattern and it travelled along. We also could make requests as to what kinds of yarns we wanted to be used or what colours were our little one's favourites. We all started our own monster (some of us, like myself chose to do two smaller monsters rather than one big one so that our "October Baby" and their sibling would each get a monster.
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This is what the boys and I sent off into the world
I wrote up a very loose pattern for our monsters. Really what I hoped was to just give a jumping off point and hoped everyone would have fun. The part in the photo was meant to be a flat base, but the first knitter changed them into legs by shifting the start point (I assume). I love the legs a million times better than my flat bottom original idea!!! They are perfect!

Each knitter worked a few inches and then would mail it on to the next knitter. The last knitter finished up the monster's face (if requested) and sent it home flat and unseamed (to cut down on postage) to its owner. We kept the monsters a surprise so that we didn't have any idea how they'd look when they got back to us. Our monsters have travelled nearly 19,000 kms around North America before coming back home to us!!

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And these are the awesome monsters that arrived home!
Such a fun project!! And such a great group of ladies to do it with. Definitely good times and Little Man and Baby Boy adore their monsters!!

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Getting to know their monsters!
 Little Man is tickled with the fact his monster has eyes on the back of his head too
 and Baby Boy loves that his has hair!

So that's the last of my "crafty installments" for this week! Of course I'm still plugging away at my Hetty Cardigan. I was knitting while tired the other night and made a mistake I didn't notice so I have a few rows to rip back before I continue on. Sob!! I'm also busily working on some sewing projects that I'll likely show you next week! Hope you all had a great week and got in some time for your favourite hobbies or activities too!

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